Announcing Bone, Stone, and Obsidian

(Robert Adducci) #1

Wayne Chang and I just finished the first episode of Bone, Stone, and Obsidian our new Dark Sun podcast​. The podcast should go live sometime next month!

Bone, Stone, and Obsidian won by 2 votes, compared to winning by 1 in the first poll, so it was really close both times.

Please watch this thread ( circle dropdown next to New Topic on the top right) to be notified when the episode goes live.

(Mr Eco) #2

Heh, any news so far?

(Robert Adducci) #3

Should be soon…probably this week.


What exactly will you be talking about?

BTW, how about taking calls like a radio show?


Do the episodes have show notes somewhere?

(Robert Adducci) #6

Doesn’t look like there were any ep notes for this episode:


Do the other shows have notes?


I am now all caught up on episodes. I really enjoy it and I believe it is well put together. I am continually surprised this community has endured in such a healthy manner for so long. I am very glad to be part of it.

I especially enjoyed the Survival cast and the portion wherein it was detailed how a DM could make the PCs feel the heat. Genius, and I thought the descriptions of the biomes were excellent.

Despite reading the literature for 20 years, these casts still brought me new ways of thinking about things. I had several moments of, “I’ll be damned, I never thought of it that way before!”

I look forward to the next installment.

(Robert Adducci) #9

Thanks Megacles, glad you’re enjoying it!

(William Sanders II) #10

Really enjoy the Podcast. Always wish there were more episodes cause I go through them quickly lol

Dark Sun has been my favorite setting for a long time, though I never played it in older editions, I have been running 5E Dark Sun off and on for roughly 4 years now. The Podcast is great for hearing other perspectives on how people do their versions of Athas, and go into detail on somethings that I’ve never thought about, which really helps to keep the DM juices flowing when writing for my games. Keep it up!