Decanters of Endless Water exist on Athas - canon!



Oh, boy. Dune Traders, page 92.

(Stuart Lynch) #2

That must have slipped through the sometimes troubled editing process - both DS campaign boxes specifically disallow Decanters of Endless Water (p.74 of the original Rules Book and p.76 of The Age of Heroes book). Maybe the writer of Dune Trader had a premonition of Sandstorm and the Decanter of Endless Sand :wink:


LOL. Maybe this Jirah Silverleaf has been selling fake Decanters of Endless Water. Water comes out, but not endlessly, but by the time its discovered the seller is long gone.

(nijineko prismaticpsion) #4

Lol, I think that is very likely.

(Esteban García) #5

The “safety” of an elven encampment… :wink:

I once read in an ancient scroll (a Dragon magazine) that that particular object was not available in Athas. Sorry I can’t give a better reference.