Dont's in Darksun

(Rasmus Aaen) #1

I would like to hear your experience on what not to do, in a Darksun campaign?
What was your biggest regret?

“Mixing up Gold pieces, with Ceramics, in a treasure” Was my all-time biggest bummer.
It made the pc. rich enough to by out house Shom.:sob::scream:

Everyone is entitled to their opinion on how things run in their specific setting, so keep it civilised.

(Mr Eco) #2

Hmm, a couple thoughts:

  1. If you are a DM, don’t send them to a dungeon crawl. There’s dozens of other adventuring ideas you can run.
  2. If you are a player, don’t let yourself venture out of a city alone. There’s a reason people travel in caravans, with scores of guards and mercenaries.

(Matthew T Laux) #3

As a DM, I’ve learned to never have NPCs important to the plot be less than 2 levels higher than the PCs(otherwise the telepath will charm him, the rogue will slit his throat, and the halfling will eat the corpse).

As a player, never leave the city without enough water to last you twice as long as the estimated travel time(unless you’re a water cleric)

(Sébastien Gamache) #4

In an ancient ruin, NEVER tell PCs there is a metal door…

(Stuart Lynch) #5

Never let any cleric other than Water or Rain have any spell that creates water :wink:

(Brent Welborn) #6

From a player’s point of view.
Don’t expect an Elf to be honest.
If you hear a strange sound in the wildress, don’t investigate, just run away. It’s safer.

(Anthony) #7

Letting mid level or higher PC’s participate in the Red Moon Hunt is always a bad idea…no matter which side of the hunt they are on.

1.Don’t tell the halfling pc that everyone could be considered rations. 2.Don’t forget to remind the halflin pc that his party members don’t count as rations if you screw up and forget #1.

(Richie Castle) #8

Defaulting into “regular” fantasy tropes, like dungeon crawl, save the princess, or encroaching monsters into the village.

Staying away from this makes it harder to be creative, but you can also re-skin stories:

Instead of a dungeon crawl, the players fall into an ancient halfling ruin or an empty settlement

Instead of save the princess, you have to find a powerful psion and bring them back

Instead of encroaching monsters on the village, slaves keep escaping and attacking guards

(Matthew T Laux) #9

Replace"halfling" with “thri-kreen” and “everyone” with “elves” for an additional good rule

(Anthony) #10

Depends on how often you’ve been swindled buy the pointy eared thieves.