Dont's in Darksun

(Rasmus Aaen) #1

I would like to hear your experience on what not to do, in a Darksun campaign?
What was your biggest regret?

“Mixing up Gold pieces, with Ceramics, in a treasure” Was my all-time biggest bummer.
It made the pc. rich enough to by out house Shom.:sob::scream:

Everyone is entitled to their opinion on how things run in their specific setting, so keep it civilised.

(Mr Eco) #2

Hmm, a couple thoughts:

  1. If you are a DM, don’t send them to a dungeon crawl. There’s dozens of other adventuring ideas you can run.
  2. If you are a player, don’t let yourself venture out of a city alone. There’s a reason people travel in caravans, with scores of guards and mercenaries.