Dwarven Focus? What happen?

(Joshua Slane) #21

Not necessarily. It’s possible that the dwarf population has grown significantly in recent years (like the human population of our world) though I think that’s a stretch. Or maybe it isn’t, dwarves are hardier than humans and more suited to captivity…


I don’t think dwarves are uncommon. The will and the way states they’re among the most numerous of the character races. I’ve always had the impression dwarves were everywhere, in no small number.

The cleansing war probably thinned their numbers, but they’ve had over a thousand years to have more children. But it is possible that the ancient ruins of cleansed dwarven settlements are home to populations of banshees. Could be a fun tier 3 adventure. Ruins of the wailing mountains.

(Nicolai Hiorth) #23

Related to this subject, have anyone converted the dwarven banshee to 5e yet?

(Joshua Slane) #24

“I don’t think dwarves are uncommon. The will and the way states they’re among the most numerous of the character races.”

It’s possible these statements are not contradictory. If one takes the city states at their listed populations and assumes that they account for most of the people of Athas, people as a whole might be uncommon. Athas is supposed to be dying after all, and people being rare outside of the cities reinforces that.


It could also mean that non-humans are relatively rare in comparison to humans. Dwarves might be one of the more numerous races but are completely dwarfed when compared to human populations. I personally always saw thri-kreen as one of the more numerous races aside from humans, but that’s just me. Oh and yes the pun was intentional :smiling_imp:

(Brent Welborn) #26

Well, maybe we’ll find out when the Dwarves of Athas book comes out. I’ve only been waiting a quarter of a century. It still might happen. :persevere:

(Joshua Slane) #27

Let’s be honest if they won’t publish books that were already mostly finished, dwarves if Athas is about as likely as an adventure path.

(Brent Welborn) #28

I can dream, can’t I?

(Zeque) #29

Is that true? Did they have a dwarf book written? I knew about another supplement and an adventure, but not about this particular one

(Brent Welborn) #30

Sadly no. They had two mostly completed books that were never released, Dregoth Ascending and Secrets of the Deadlands. There was no Dwarf book in the works.

(Brent Welborn) #31

But dang it, there should be. I’ll have to write one myself. It’ll take me awhile, but I’m pretty stubborn.
I just have to collect everything official and build upon it. Besides the main campaign books and the Prism Pentad novels, are Dwarves given any details elsewhere?


it’s not Dark Sun, but you could use features from the Oathbound class from Monte Cook’s Arcana Evolved and apply them to the psychic warrior as racial substitution levels. It fits the idea of the dwarven focus very well.

(Brent Welborn) #33

Thank you.
I play AD&D Dark Sun, so any stats will reflect that, unless someone wants to add content for other editions.
My plan is to mostly make it fluff anyway.
I’ll start writing and slowly get feedback from you all.