Dwarves of Athas Assistance


Yep. Pg 22 of VoFaD.
Feral dwarves. A dying breed of less than 100 inhabit the Mountain of the Sun.


This is also interesting. In the Ivory Triangle pg 87 it talks about 40 Dwarven banshees in the Mekillot Mountains from some major dwarf project from centuries ago.

And there’s the Cursed Dead Dwarves of the Groaning City in Giustenal found on pg. 12 of City by the Silt Sea monstrous supplement

In Dragons Crown the adventure The Road of Fire talks of an outpost called Charvass. Pg 5

Also in dragons crown book 3. Dragon crown mountains. Pg 34 talks about the Dwarves of the failing village of Hasken who are in constant pursuit of drilling for water but strike oil instead.

In Merchant house of Amketch a village called Red Obelisk at a small oasis has 70 to 80 dwarves and humans.

The revised setting mentions a dwarven fortress at an oasis called Foul Puddle. Pg 104. That page also has Kels lot, an all dwarven village. But these last two may be in the wanderers books.

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Wow! You guys are amazing! Thank you.


Though not a village… But one other interesting thing you may want to look at is in the adventure included in the revised box set “Mystery of the Ancients”. It talks of a group of Dwarves that worship a dwarven god Durgonis. And that there are a few followers in modern Athas. Perhaps there are dwarven settlements dedicated to his worship.


And… not sure if you are interested in 3.5 Athas.org sources, but Faces of the Forgotten North has the Moratuc Dwarves. It also ties into Charvass mentioned above.


It took me awhile to find this one on page 3. Good catch, it looks like I’d forgotten or never knew about a number of references to the dwarves.

For example, news of the Dragon’s death was met with skepticism and then elation by Tyr’s citizens, resulting in a minor riot in the Merchant’s District. The riot started when five dwarf herders and their half-giant companion decided that the return of Durgonis was imminent. Though the dwarf god Durgonis has few followers in modern day Athas, those who keep his faith are fervently devoted. Unfortunately, his return is prophesied to occur at the same time that a massive sandstorm buries the world. The dwarves (and their half-giant companion) reacted with fear-induced madness, striking wildly at those around them.


Yep. That is the only reference to him I can find. I get the feeling that he was just written in for this adventure. I’m not so sure that any other sources reference him. I also get the feeling that even though he may be a deity that a few dwarves worship today, he isn’t granting any divine powers or such today. Since the gods are cut off, dead, or whatever. Though he may have granted powers in the past, I see him more as just the memory of him, and the traditions his worshipers that are passed on by these few dwarves.

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Thank you everyone. Here’s what I have, please inform me if I missed anymore and if help can be provided for where I can find information for the (?) locations. Thank you all.

North and South Ledopolous (Wander’s Journal)
Red Obelisk (Merchant House Amketch)
Hasken (Dragon’s Crown)
Foul Puddle (?)
Kel’s Lot (?)
Kharzden (?)
Saragar (Mind Lords of the Last Sea)
Mountain of the Sun (Valley of Dust and Fire)
Kled (Verdent Passage)
Charvass (Dragon’s Crown)


Foul puddle is mentioned in the 2nd edition Revised setting. In the Wanderer’s Chronicle chapter 3 at the top of the page 104 it is mentioned in the section talking about the village Plunder that often raids it.

Kel’s Lot is a few paragraphs down. Same page.


Kharzden is in Mind Lords of the Last Sea pg 44

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Thank you. I feel a bit foolish not locating those myself.

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So here’s the next part. Please let me know where/if I conflicted with canon, or just didn’t make sense. Thanks again.

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I’m working on the next part, which is Kled. I know it is mentioned in the Crimson Legion novel. Is it detailed more so anywhere else?
Information I have: Sun worshipers. Working to uncover ruins of ancient Dwarf ruin of Kemalok. Round plaza with cistern in the middle, powered by a windmill. Plaza is round with salients that resemble tongues of flame. Plaza is paved with red sandstone cobblestones. Huts resemble the sun with red flagstone walls. Five feet high with no roof. Stone tables, benches, and beds. Huts form concentric rings and village is enclosed by a low red brick wall. Were able to be guarded by 800 soldiers.
I just don’t want to go against canon.

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Maybe Charvass could be a good dwarven place to develop!

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Yes, I am working on Charvass and Kled right now. Expanding on a pre-existing location is difficult, as I have to search all of the books for the barest mention. I’d hate to counter cannon, after all.


I don’t know how far you may have gotten Rajaat99, but I wrote this up for Charvass - based on the Villages of the Wastes template. I’ve got a really ugly and basic map for the internal/external village somewhere I may be able to find as well. As far as I know, no cannon inconsistencies in it since the only places I believe they are mentioned is Faces of the Forgotten North and Dragon’s Crown…


That sounds like the description I recall. I think the center of the plaza may have had a red sun in made out of the stones on the ground.

An entrance to kemelot somewhere.

You should also check the adventure from the box set “a little knowledge”. Where Baranus is said to be the leader/founder and compare to the novels where it is Lyanius as the leader.

Also the 50 dwarven children which I always thought to be odd. So maybe they have like swings and a playground for them. :crazy_face:


I remember making a map for Kled once and it got me thinking. What do they eat or do for work? It’s the same problem you have in many fantasy setting. But it seemed worse for kled. Do they plant gardens? Farm animals? Hunt for food?
Do they mine and make anything? It seemed they did an awful lot of sun worship. Not sure that pays well in a desert waste land.

It seemed the books had Kled trading with people from Tyr and Urik. But what for? I think 4e gave Kled an obsidian mine to somewhat address this.

Also please note that the boxed set adventure has the dwarven children with hair. See the encounter card 17. Not sure what to think about this.

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Here’s my first draft. Suggestions and corrections are welcome: https://docs.google.com/document/d/17YV5vynUTRD5DfMa4Q0TyJ6zWOFRkvvJ0bgRituyVIc/edit?usp=sharing


Working on reading this…

Two things that first popped out.
First sentence. Change “Dwarven village who have dedicated”. To “village of Dwarves who have dedicated”

Second. I see you chose to go with Barunus for the founder name per adventure a little knowledge. Compare with the Troy Denning novels books 2 and 3 that refer to the founder as Lyanius. Particularly chapter one of book 3. First paragraph…

“I am Lyanius, Kled’s uhrnomus!" the old man bellowed.
“What’s an uhrnomus?” Sadira asked, looking to Rikus for an explanation.
“The village founder,” Rikus answered.

I am a little more partial to the name Lyanius just because Denning helped create Dark Sun. And I haven’t checked the authorship of the adventure with Barunus. Maybe he has two names or a last name. But others have explanations for using Barunus. Just my 2 ceramics worth.