Elven Tribes, lets create some

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I’ve always loved elves and Dark Sun elves are no different. I love the way they through the preconcieved notions of elves on their heads, but they still feel like elves.One aspect I like is the elven tribal structure and with that elven tribe names.

Let’s make more elven tribes. I seem to always be in need of them during the game. Give us at least the name of the tribe, but if you want to add more about them please do. ALso I’d be interested in getting a page reference if it’s in a book.

Some of the core tribes are:

  • Night Runners
  • Silt Stalkers
  • Sky Singers
  • Water Hunters
  • Wind Dancers
  • Silver Hands
  • Clearwater Tribe

Dust Vipers
Salt Riders of the Alkalai Bed

Here are a few off the top of my head:

Cloud Chasers
Silt Steppers
Dune Jumper
Dusk Stalkers
Sand Howlers
Purple Sand Tribe
Grey Death Tribe
Giant Slayers Tribe
Kreen Breakers
Mirage Makers
Wind Seers

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I knew I wasn’t crazy!

Elves of Athas lists individual clans that make up each of the tribes as they are listed, except for the Silver Hands who have no sub-clans. That’s where I got my PC’s clan of New Moons.

Sun Runners are Sadira’s tribe as well, and they encounter the Silver Hands in book 3.

Let’s see:
Singing Rock
Scalding Earth
Sun Storm
Flaming Sirocco
Dancing Lirr

Don’t forget the Jura Dai in A Little Knowledge!

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Ha! The Jura Dai was also the elf tribe featured in The Darkness Before the Dawn, Book 2 in the Chronicles of Athas. I just read that again, though it is rather forgettable.

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The Sun Shadow tribe. They’re a small (150 strong) tribe of Elves that were taken into the mists of Ravenloft when Kalidnay went there. In my campaign the tribe exclusively inhabits the island domain of Kalidnay in Ravenloft, but there’s nothing to say the tribe there isn’t just a portion of a larger tribe that remains on Athas.

Their range was formerly the territory between the Giants Rib mountains north of Kalidnay, down to Celik, bounded by the Estuary of the Forked Tongue in the east, and the Ringing Mountains in the west.

In legend, the tribe was founded by the remnants of 2 broken tribes that met each other and fought off a common enemy (variously an army of gith, or thri-kreen, or the forces of Kalidnay) while under a full eclipse of the sun. Following the epic battle for survival (as the tales say), the two tribes became one, taking eclipses as harbingers of great fortune (and an excuse for a massive party).

If the Sun Shadows still exist on Athas, they occasionally come into contact with the Wind Dancers tribe as they share parts of the same range. The two tribes have never gotten along (even accounting for the Wind Dancers’ attitudes) as the Air Clerics of the Wind Dancers clash with the Sun Clerics of the Sun Shadows.


I forgot about that! Was there any more information on them there? Size, what the name means, NPC type characters?

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I just finished The Broken Blade and they reference The Shadows as a tribe of elves skilled in assassination, espionage and subterfuge.

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I think there are more tribes in dune trader…

Anyway, Oasis Hunters/Haunters is a name for an elf tribe I was musing on developing

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