Expedition to the Barrier Peaks Dark Sun Adaptation

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Now that it has been brought up, some of the alien races might be useful sources of life shaped entities. Not to mention the powered armor fit the ones already mentioned above.


I do already have symbiomechs. They work as powered armor.

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Yes, I saw that above. I was thinking it might be useful to compare, is all.


I see. I’ll take a look at my d20 manuals when I get the chance. The symbiomech is based off the Green Rhul artifact in the life-shaping handbook if you want to take a look at it.

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Amplified Bio-luminescence emitters:

This modification grows a specialized bio-crystal enshrouded by bio-luminescent organs tweaked to emit specific wavelengths of light; the whole contained in an armored carapace or skeletal cage.

Lesser versions are large enough to require shoulder or back mounted positioning. Greater versions are smaller and can be axially mounted along the bilateral symmetry, or even chest mounted with the most advanced versions. Special psi-active organs mixed in with the emitters provide various supports such as heat management, crystal regeneration, enhanced light production, force effect production, and light beam management functions.

Bio-energy costs are such that a single organism can seldom support more than two such modifications. Some of the elements required to grow the crystal are poisonous to host creatures, which design challenge has been handled with one of two approaches: secondary feeding mechanisms incorporated into the emitter itself (usually only found in the larger and lesser models), or a secondary discreet digestive system for handling the necessary foreign materials.

Behavioral costs include having to train the organism to ingest the craved raw materials in the proper manner to prevent accidental poisoning, until it is mature enough to distinguish the various hunger signals.


Hey, could someone point me to a 3.5 source with Russet Mold? I have all the manuals, I just need some direction for where to look

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Looks like pathfinder converted it to 3.x.



When a creature approaches within 5 feet of a patch of guthay fungus, it releases a cloud of spores in a 5-foot radius burst. Everyone in the area must make a DC 15 Fortitude save or the spores quickly take root in their victims, instantly causing 1 mutation on the first round and inflicting 2 points of Constitution damage per round. A new Fortitude save can be attempted each round to halt the growth. Failure by 10 or more results in the character gaining a more severe form of the disease. This form lowers their constitution by 3 per round and adds 1 additional mutation of a random kind for every minute after the incubation period has elapsed. Either form of the disease has a 6 hour incubation period. If the character reaches a constitution of 0, he immediately transforms into a Guthay Fungus. Although immunity to disease won’t protect against guthay fungus spores, the growth can be halted by remove disease and similar effects. Exposure to sunlight also halts the spores’ growth. Plants are immune to guthay fungus spores, as well as undead, constructs, and life-shaped constructs.
A patch of guthay fungus is unharmed by all effects save for acid, alcohol, or remove disease (or a similar magical effect, such as heal), all of which can kill a single patch of guthay fungus on contact. Sunlight doesn’t kill the mold, but does render it dormant and harmless as long as the sunlight persists.
The Arkship is permeated with the disease. As such, all areas within the ship act as if they were a massive guthay fungus, with a DC 5 fortitude save instead of 15, and must be made each round. The save increases to 10 when exposed to any fluids originating from the ship. Further, wounded creatures have the DC of the save increased by 5 permanently if the wound is from piercing or slashing damage, regardless of the source of the infection.
Guthay fungus looks like it’s previous victim in whatever position they died in, but horribly disfigured. Large, pulsing pustules appear and disappear over the surface of the corpse, and it often changes color to blend with the background, taking a DC 10 spot check to discover.

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You still wanting bio-weapons?


yes please. I am teaching at a scout camp now, so it may take awhile to work on this again. Please take over where you can.

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In-depth research has revealed that all things have a special note or tone to which they respond. The more complex the composition and structure the more unique the resonance pattern needs be.

Exhaustive testing has yielded a series of structures of sufficient durability, flexibility, and adaptability to properly induce saturation harmonic resonance exceeding the material load capabilities in a surprising array of materials, substances, and structures.

The real challenge, and subsequent biological costs, are the adaptions necessary to preserve sensitivity and responsiveness in the affected ranges of resonance, and structural integrity modifications of the host to enable it to survive exposures to harmonic resonance in the ranges compatible with its own structure.


I like it. It fits the theme. Do you have stats?

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I seldom if ever do. ^^ I’d just borrow from the sonic weapons stats in d20 future and d20 future tech, and add a note that it can affect materials other than crystal and glass, such as stone, bone, metal, flesh, force, and so forth. (I.E.: can ignore hardness and damage reduction, perhaps even temporarily cancel fast healing.) Possibly only certain “models” can affect certain materials, or there is a cost in time to shift frequencies, and another cost in time for the harmonic resonance to reach saturation and thus start to cause damage.


In that case, I would say that the weapon should deal low damage (one die) normally, with a percentage chance to deafen. If the wielder spends a full round action that provokes an attack of opportunity and maintains line of sight on the target (attuning to the target’s particular resonance), the weapon will do an additional die of damage on the next round. For each additional round spent attuning (without line of sight being broken), another die is added. This damage only affects the target to which the weapon was attuned. Creatures of the same species are dealt half the total, and those of the same type are dealt one quarter of the total. Any other creature is just dealt a single die. If the weapon is attuned to a new creature, the damage level resets to one, unless the new creature is of the same type or race as the first target, in which case it starts from the quarter or half value of the original respectively. The damage is half sonic, half force. Objects made of glass or other fragile material are automatically dealt double normal damage.

Rhulisti use this weapon as a side arm, but it can be used en masse to great effect for siege purposes.

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Sounds like a reasonable arrangement.


Yep. Since this weapon has the potential to be very powerful when used right, I suggest using d6’s for damage. It should also be dependent on biochemical power packs which take a normal reload action to equip and contain energy enough for 10 shots

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Good point. Expanded scope should have some trade offs.


Each size category above medium of the target should cost an extra charge per shot. More sonic energy would be required. Damage is dependent on attunement, however, so that would not drain extra charges. The weapon would attune by using a sonic sensor to determine resonance patterns, and must be pointed at the target to use. Anything that would eliminate sound in that line will both prevent the weapon from attuning and stop the sonic wave if shot.


The vaser would be organic. Organic targets have their internal organs turned to mush, and constructs shatter

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Or you could tune to “bone” and the resulting fragmentation explosion is sure to disable.

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