Missing monsters


I was recently reviewing Terrors Beyond Tyr and the Dark Sun Encounters Tables on pages 5-7 and noticed there are at least two monsters that are in the table but I cannot find the source for them.

They are: Earth Serpent and Fire Scorpion.

Page 5 states all monsters in the tables are from the original boxed set, monstrous manual, terrors of the desert and terrors beyond tyr, but I cannot seem to find the two monsters above. I have all these sources except the monster manual for which I just use the internet. But these two monsters evade even the internet it seems.

(Nicolai Hiorth) #2

My guess would be specific versionselemental beasts, later removed and replaced with the more general monster “elemental beast”

(Brent Welborn) #3

Thank you for finding this anomaly. I guess we’ll have to design them ourselves. Good find.

(Zeque) #4

There is a Fire snake in the monstrous manual, next to the salamander (elemental fire-kind). But you have to deseing them yourself