Music Under a Dark Sun


Hey all, thought I’d try something completely different and ask you all what songs, bands, and/or soundtracks you listen to for that Athasian vibe, be it in game, designing adventures, or just whenever.

To get us started I actually realized a lot of the music from 300 (no not the sequel) actually works quite well. The Temple of Doom song by the movie of the same name definitely is another I’d vouch for while discussing movie music. 1492 by Colossal Trailer Music and Tribal Sacrifice by Two Steps from Hell do the jungle vibe well. Adrian von Ziegler did some good desert music including Hual Hadi, Sleeping Sabre, and Dust and Shadows.

(Stuart Lynch) #2

Brian Tyler’s Children of Dune soundtrack is pretty good for Dark Sun


The Conan soundtrack by Basil Poledouris.

(Mr Eco) #4

The ones I use for my Dark Sun game are mostly from Fallout 3 and Total War: Attila. For each city-state, I try to get music representative of the culture but, so far, I’ve had quite a hard time finding music for Nibenay.

(Jonathan Gomez) #5

I also listen to Basil Poledouris’s Conan and also use the OST from 300.


I’ve also languished in search of good Nibenese music. Closest I’ve found is The Monk by Devesh Sodha and the Red Lotus theme from Legend of Korra. That being said if you’re alright with more Japanese music for Nibenay instead of Chinese then I’d recommend Aki by Adrian von Ziegler. Sadly it’s hard to find old style Chinese music that has a darker atmosphere to it.

(Mr Eco) #7

While Conan and 300 have top-notch soundtracks, I find them too epic for my campaign. I usually strive for more ambient musical scores and, if possible, use traditional music of said culture. For instance, when the characters wander inside the walls of Urik, I use Sumerian music from ensemble de Organographia, or when I want to bring a mystical note when they walk the streets of Raam, I play Shanti Mantra by Pandit Jasraj.

That being said, I have tracks from Conan, for those epic moments :stuck_out_tongue: Wheel of Pain and Cantiga 166 are some of my favourites.

(Andrea Ferrari) #8

The music from the Dark Sun Games (Shattered Lands and Wake of the Ravager) imho are really cool for such old games. And being from an official game about Dark Sun, I find them very fitting.


Gladiator soundtrack or anything with Lisa Gerard