New Dark Sun products for 5E! Real!


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(Robert Adducci) #2

Not quite. It’s a small group who are creating something for when the DMsGuild opens for public use of Dark Sun. It’s not there yet and it looks like they haven’t done a whole lot of work yet. They’re building hype, but who knows when that will payoff.


I don’t dislike 5e, but I have a hard time seeing it manage to capture the “feel” of Dark Sun.

There’s just so much healing available in the system, and it’s so easy to recover from any predicament, that I feel it would need some drastic changes to the core rules in order to represent the deadliness of Athas.


The key is in the use of the 5e Exhaustion system. Hit points are one thing, but they are completely independent of your Exhaustion level. Exhaustion is VERY hard to get rid of too. You need to spend a long rest just to remove 1 level. And you can’t remove any if you don’t have ample food and water.