Old adventures conversion

(Sébastien Gamache) #1

Did any of you, here, ever managed to convert any 2e adventure to 3.5e?

I know there are a few that have been partially converted (PCs) like Freedom, Arcane Shadow, Merchant HoA and Road to Urik.

Anything else?


Anybody here that managed to create a document his own 3.5e campaign or adventures?

It sounds like I am leeching. It’s actually the case! I’d like to start a new 3.5e darksun campaign. It’s about to be my turn to GM. Although, since my time is quite limited to prepare a campaign, I was looking for help.

HELP !! :sunglasses:

(Joshua Slane) #2

One thing you might consider (because a lot of the dark sun adventures are highly mediocre) is taking adventurers written for another setting but for your ruleset and making them Dark Sun’s flavor.

I don’t remember much of 3.5 but for Pathfinder, the adventure Retribution, for example features gods, a snow storm, and half-goblins, but the half-goblins can be replaced with Gith easy enough, the snow storm becomes a sand storm, and the temple and its gods become a temple of an element (or even a temple of a fake god from the green age that people have maintained over the years and the god just doesn’t grant spell casting). That’s probably 90% of the adventure converted.