Pirates on the Silt Sea

(Joshua Slane) #1

Has anyone ran an adventure where the players are forced into piracy on the high (silt) sea? The players are enslaved method of starting a game is somewhat common I know but how many Dark Sun games start with the enslaved on a ship I wonder? (Think the first book of the skull and cross bones adventure path.)

What kind of problems do you think that start would encounter? Are silt skimmers even capable of piracy? I mean I assume so. And I assume the sea is big enough that it could happen.

(Felix Gonzalez) #2

Dunno, i thought of placing the Savage Tide AP on Athas, and I’ve seen of an idea to include Drow on Athas as Silt Pirates.

There is mention in one of the source books that there are MANY undiscovered (dangerous of course) creatures in the Silt Sea.

I think the the Silt Skimmers have to stay in shallow silt. But it’s been awhile (and i mean a long while) since I’ve read about this topic, sooooo… i don’t really remember.

(Stuart Lynch) #3

They’re capable of it Shadowcat. IIRC CbtSS has the PCs encounter a small island of pirates with a couple of skimmers for starters. The Athas.org team suggested that some of Eldaarich’s skimmer fleet act as pirates when they can get away with it too.

Break Shore, Cromlin, Alfala and a host of other shore towns can be excellent staging posts for a pirate campaign.

With some work you could adapt Dungeon Magazine’s DS adventure “Raiders of the Chanth” for PC orivateers.

Also have a look at Al-Qadim boxes to adapt - years ago I played in a converted “Corsairs of the Great Sea”, “Ruined Kingdoms” and “Cities of Bone” mashup - it works surprisingly well in Dark Sun with a bit of work. Having Tisan, the Arch-Geomancer bad gal in RK be an acolyte of Rajaat who actually succeeded in tapping into Athas’ own planetary energy makes for some high risk campaign consequences if the PCs screw up.

Anyway, sorry for going off on a tangent. Yes skimmer pirates exist. Yes you can easily do a skimmer pirate/privateer campaign. Good luck!