Plans & Threats in the Dead Lands

(Sébastien Gamache) #41

I’m waiting to play this game since… I don’t remember!


Generally you can’t. First time I found it was a printout in a binder in a old games store. Second time I knew someone who had the original doc files from an old TSR staffer, and then shared them with me (which verified the authenticity of the binder I first found), and asked that I not spread them on the internet.

Frankly, I’m actually super surprised that the (admittedly small) number of people who have the original docs for Secrets of the Dead Lands and Dregoth Ascending actually KEPT them private/secret, and nobody has leaked them online in the past couple decades.

Uhm . . . good job, us?

(Brent Welborn) #43

So, would you be willing to share them with a 2nd Edition Dark Sun fan?

(Joshua Slane) #44

What would it take for Athas to go ahead and release it instead of just intending to release it?