Quarantine Brainstorm Time: Non-standard plot hooks

For those of us that don’t just run the modules verbatim. What are your best off-the-wall Dark Sun hooks you’ve used or wanted to do? Weirder the better.

Anyone? Is the site dead? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d hesitate to say dead, but I think everyone’s a little preoccupied right now. Give it a week or two and we might get some more traffic. I for one hope to get my Whales of Athas writeup finished and posted up here in the next few weeks.

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I almost never run the official modules, especially as is, but I don’t have any crazy ways of introducing plot hooks either.
I guess the craziest was having the spirit of a dead man show up and ask for the group to return his body to Tyr. He promised them a “mountain of silver,” but that was a lie, of course.

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Ran a campaign arc where the PCs came across a devise created by one of Rajaat’s defilers. It transferred the party back to the Green Age shortly before the start of the Cleansing Wars. The devise not only transported them back in time, but changed their races to ones that only existed during that age. The mul was turned human, the elf into a standard D&D elf, and the dwarf became hairy and bearded. What made it worse was they were chasing down a dray who was turned human so it was near impossible to locate him due to having no idea what he now looked like.


A simple noble vs noble conflict; the PCs are connected to a noble-house and are pawns in their games of power and glory. How they are connected depends on their characters; gladiators, thieves etc.

One such story takes places centuries before; it’s a conflicted between a settlement of Dwarves vs. Halflings of the Forest-Ridge in the Ringing-Mountains. Characters are two Muls with human fathers(drunks) living in the Dwarven Town.