Rajaat's Need for Champions


I’m sure this thought / topic comes up in a lot of our minds at different times, so I was hoping to do a little brainstorming.

The basic question is “If Rajaat were so powerful as implied and explicitly shown in the novels/source material, why did he even bother with champions? Why not just cause a magical apocalypse that accomplished what he wanted, and wipe out all rebirth races directly, re-establishing the Blue Age as he desired?”

Now I’ve added some of my own thoughts on this topic in the past (such as using the Champions as proxies in a massive behind-the-scenes death magic ritual, in essence using them via their Champion transformations to farm magical power), but I would really like to solicit ideas from various people here as to why would he bother with disciples/champions instead of just doing the deed directly himself.

“Because he was crazy,” while a semi-valid (if incomplete) answer, is NOT what I’m looking for. If you wanna go that route, fine: but please at least explain the WWWWWH of his crazy. (who/what/where/when/why/how)


Possibly because he couldn’t - at least without endangering the remaining halflings.

Returning Athas to the Blue Age isn’t simply a matter of killing off its sentient humanoid races, but destroying all the non Blue Age life - plant and animal. Rajaat was just one man. To get this done he needed a major war in which the “fuel” for the war was plant and animal life. Only when Athas was left almost entirely barren could Rajaat bring back the blue seas and blue sun.

There’s also no doubt that Rajaat is a weird guy. And we only have part of the story from the perspective of the champions. We know that Rajaat kept the champions that completed their cleansings around. Likely he had plans for them in the New Blue Age. Here is my hypothesis: Rajaat would not have simply restored the former halfling civilization to what it was previously because in doing so the halflings could make the same mistakes that brought down their ancient civilization. The champions would serve as a check on halfling excesses, guiding the halfings in a eusocial direction.


To became himself a god and seal off true gods out of Athas. His Champions were ment to attract the champions of the divinities (That’s why so many cleansings failed)


After Rajaat discovered the basis of magic he returned to the Pristine Tower to refine the process and learn the secrets of the tower. While doing this he learned many secrets, including the way to turn back the sun and restore the blue Age. To do so he had to make certain changes, which included intertwining his own life force with the tower itself. He could not use the power gained from the Pristine Tower to kill, but he could use it to alter.

He altered the tower into a gigantic collector, gathering magic power from the sun itself. He further altered Champions who could go into the world, destroy the Rebirth races, and feed their life energies back into the tower. With the life force of the Rebirth races and the power gathered from the sun, Rajaat would have the power to finally undo the Rebrith and return the world to the Blue Age, it was just a matter of time, and Rajaat had plenty of that.