What foreign materials did you add to your DS campaign?

(Felix Gonzalez) #1

What things did you add to you campaign that came from a book, movie, or TV show?
Such as characters and villains (ported over unchanged or adapting it to DS), monsters, organizations, cities, or storylines…
For example, porting Bane and the League of Shadows from the Dark Knight Rises over to DS or the One Ring (just the concept maybe, could be anything really, such as a statuette), etc…

(Joshua Slane) #2

I never really done it but I once considered bringing in a character from Birthright. That would bring the possibility of Godhood to Athas. It would also allow a type of magic to rival the epic magic of advanced beings.

(Stuart Lynch) #3

Never imported something from outside D&D, but as I’ve previously mentioned almost the entire Al-Qadim adventure range can be adapted for use in DS quite easily. Years ago my gaming group also adapted M5 Talons of Night and one or two other M series modules for our 20th level+ campaign - yes, we got that far playing a couple of times a week before University and life took over!

Published RPG materials, particularly ones with a vaguely compatible rule system are easier to integrate than concepts from TV, films and books, but then a lot of those sources have inspired various RPG systems and adventures.

Take what you want, adapt it if necessary (we added several large islands to the Sea of Silt for the M-series modules) and discard the rest.

(Brent Welborn) #4

I’ve imported villages from adventure modules. They villages and adventures required heavy editing to make them have the correct Dark Sun feel to them. I also imported dinosaurs, because dinosaurs are awesome.
Edit: I also added real world desert plants, like yucca and barrel cactus.

(Matthew T Laux) #5

I always thought that’s what the orbs of Kalid Ma were…

I knew a DM that transplanted the Fremen of Arrakis into Darksun once. I was dissapointed that Baron Harkonnen didn’t make the trip

(Brent Welborn) #6

I can see that transplantation happening rather easily actually. Obviously, things like stillsuits wouldn’t exist, but the organization, ritual combat, and Sayyadina would fit well.
Baron Harkonnen could even work as a leader of a merchant house.
This has me thinking, but I would change all the names to protect the guilty, aka me.

(Matthew T Laux) #7

Stillsuits would be handy on Athas though

(Brent Welborn) #8

Too useful, that’s why they shouldn’t exist.


I wove in a lot of Planescape, the party journeyed to several different planes and I wove in the really alien adventures from Dungeon magazine. For example, on the Plane of Water, there were aquatic adventures with sea-elves, etc. Plane of Earth is great for the Underdark. Plane of Fire was the City of Brass and elements of Al Qadim. Sky’s the limit … more than that, infinity is the limit.

(Brent Welborn) #10

I understand the inner plane travel, but did you use the outer planes as well? If so, how did your players avoid getting trapped in the Gray?


I did not use the Gray, for better or for worse. I just had direct portal travel from one plane to another mediated initially by Dregoth’s mirror. I did use the Outer Planes as the players were in the Nine Hells, Sigil, and the Abyss. The players also traveled to the Astral in Blackspine, of course.