What have you and your PCs done to the world?

(Corbin Bogert) #1

Its been a long time since I’ve had my last Dark Sun game. So long in fact that I’ve gotten nostalgic.

Originally my game started off as a simple plot where the players tried to escape slavery from a Noble in Balic. They proceeded to kill the noble in his sleep and escape with the help of the Veiled Alliance, who wanted the Noble dead. Eventually leading to a manhunt of one of the PC’s by the Noble’s eldest son.

Global effects began to happen when the PCs ran into a Gulg War Party planning on attacking Altaruk and using it as a staging area for overtaking Tyr.

In a stroke of genius by the PCs they warned everyone at the last minute giving only a day for the fort to evacuate and proceeded to blow up part of the nearby mountains to destroy the war party. (Think that scene in Mad Max Fury Road, but bigger)

So by the end of the campaign my players had already blown up Altaruk.

What have you guys done?

(Matthew T Laux) #2

As a player back in the old days of 2ed, the party i was in wiped out the village of Cromlin.

I’ve DMed some mighty strange groups, but the world-changers were all in 3.5. 2 parties got into the epic levels, so they both did some crazy poop. One group decided to rebuild Yaramuke as a trade town, constantly having to defend against Urik’s army. The other epic group decided to end the war between Gulg and Nibenay by destroying the Crescent Forest(they ALL had levels in defiler)

(Felix Gonzalez) #3

That sounds EPICALLY evil, and like something my (ex-Tyrian Templar) Defiler character (Sokar) would do… well, not really, he’d defile the whole planet to ash just to put it and everything on it out of it’s misery.

Unfortunately, he’s still stuck in a little flint mining village acting as the local sage and mystic, living in a cave covered in plants (everyone thinks he’s a druid, though a few suspect him, including the village elder, a water cleric). He’s really a good guy, he just has some very drastic views on “saving the world”.
Been a long time since i played him, would love to get him out of there someday and back to his life mission of “saving the world”. Can see him being converted by Oronis or some other Avangion if he found out there was another way.

Oh, the nostalgia!

If the group got farther I’m sure they’d have killed (or tried to kill) all of the Sorcerer-Kings AND the Dragon… yeah, they had some BIG plans. They were even researching how Kalak was killed, by whom, using what weapon/magic/psionics, a Champion’s/Dragon’s abilities and weakenesse, etc, etc. Lots of planning. Years (in game time) of research and planning.