What was your introduction to Dark Sun?

(Esteban García) #21

This is my first post here, so hello to you all!

Dark Sun (Sol Oscuro) was promoted in the Dragon Magazine #2 (Spanish Edition). I have always been interested in everything about the desert, so I was inmediately drawn to the setting. I remember the description of the new races and the new weapons along Brom’s superb drawings.

A couple of days later I saw the box in a Department Store. I looked at it for a loong time. The price was a bit steep for me, but I finally decided to buy it. Best decision ever. I quickly read all the material there and I bought Freedom (Libertad) as soon as it hit the stores.

Since then I have been in love with everything related to Athas and its inhabitants.

(Andrea Ferrari) #22

My introduction to Dark Sun was the Wake of the Ravager Crpg.
In retrospect, quite ironic, since that game has a lot of thing that truly don’t belong to Dark Sun (like mind flayers or umber hulks).
Then I found athas.org (when 3.0 itself was quite young), and got really into the setting.


I originally got into D&D when 3.5 came out and as I grew up I fell in love with AD&D 2e. After a few campaigns in Forgotten Realms and Greyhawk using 2e I decided to take a look at other material from that time and stumbled across mentions of the Dark Sun campaign setting. All I remember hearing about it in the past was that it was a sort of post apocalyptic fantasy setting with an emphasis on gladiators, the slave trade, and a more primitive and savage world than the usual high middle ages/early renaissance style default D&D takes.

I first got my hands on the revised campaign setting, and seeing that it updated a lot of existing material and moved a lot of existing story lines forward I hunted down the original boxed set online. Working with both versions I cobbled together a working setting of my own and introduced the PCs to it all. Ever since they’ve been working towards a means of assassinating Kalak of Tyr while navigating a complex conspiracy between the sorcerer kings and I haven’t looked back since.


The very first time I played Dark Sun was back with the original boxed set. Our DM was the only one who had ever seen it before and our introduction was A little Knowledge from the set. He set it up so we intentionally wouldn’t know anything about it. Each of us played ourselves, found passed out and naked in the desert by a slave caravan. 3 fighters, a ranger, and a thief trying to figure out where we were, how we got there, and none of us could even speak the language. It made for a memorable introduction and I’ve loved the whole setting since.

I’ve collected everything I can ever since, and while I’ve stopped basically at 3.5, I’ve pulled information from the newer books and tried to integrate everything no matter how far fetched it was. Some things needed tweaking to make it all work, but I love the setting. I’ve even used that same type of beginning to introduce others to the setting and during the early 2000s was running 6 different groups through adventures every week. I’ve lost touch with basically all of them, but maybe one day…