WotC and possible Dark Sun setting

(Mr Eco) #1

So Eberron did the first move and it seems that more worlds could follow suit.
Do we have any info about the world of Athas being brought to 5e? Have Tim Brown or Troy Denning revealed anything relevant, like future collaboration with the Wizards Team? Current rules for psionics do pose an issue for Dark Sun, as we still don’t have a solid system to work with; that may be inhibiting further design of the setting.

(Brent Welborn) #2

I haven’t heard anything. Most likely they’ll come out with psionic rules before Dark Sun.

Edit: The next setting being introduced is Ravnica. Ravnica is a Magic: The Gathering setting that they’re porting over to D&D5. I’m a tad disappointed.
I like the rules for 5th edition, but the settings leave much to be desired. I’m not a fan of Forgotten Realms. I played a little Eberron, but high magic settings are not my favorite and it looks like it’s only available in pdf. Now, they’re releasing Ravinca, which sounds like the Coruscant of D&D.

(Joshua Slane) #3

Eberron should really usher in psionics.


I would have to agree with Rajaat in that core rules for Psionics will most likely be released prior to canon about Dark Sun.


Mike Mearls has been tweeting a lot about psionics in 5e and he seems to be getting them to a point that he’s happy with. I would expect a product next year on psionics, be it an DM’s Guild PDF or another Unearthed Arcana revision.