3E Stats for Borys of Ebe, Dragon of Tyr?

Rather redundant as Big B is dead in FY10, but did anyone ever stat up (class and level wise anyway) Borys as the Dragon of Tyr for 3rd Ed rules? I vaguely recall seeing a thread on a forum somewhere over a decade ago where all the SKs and SQs were given the stat treatment, but can’t find it anymore.

Any takers?

Not redundant. I don’t think that most people playing DS actually use the events of the Prism Pentad.

As for Borys 3.5 stats, I don’t think anyone has been game enough to do it. Trust me, I’ve been searching for those stats for around 10 years. Most of the SKs are also unstatted.

Part of the problem is the absurd number of levels that are required to create a credible Advanced Being. That is why I came up with my modifications to the metamorphosis seed - you can use that to come up with a credible Dragon or Sorcerer King.

From the old Wotc Board, they published Borys’ stats (they would’ve put in Legends of Athas, if it was finished).

You can find them there http://secretsofthearchmages.net/Threads/Wotc/2015/DarkSun/1965166.htm

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Yes, Borys, but a psychic warrior.

I always thought that the combat prowess was innate to dragons/advanced beings. That is why I included a factor to recalcuate to good BAB in my modification of the metamorphosis seed.

clicks fingers Andrea, you are a star! That’s the exact thread I was thinking of. Many thanks!

From the PP, it seems that even before his metamorphosis Borys was quite the physical guy. So I understand why they’ve chosen psychic warrior for him.

I did an alternate version, based on a VERY overpowered home made version of the Athasian Dragon prc. To optimize him further I gave to him levels in the Mind Mage (from Dragon Magazine 313).
I used psion as his base class, but added prcs like Slayer (the srd20 version, keyed on dwarves of course) and Abjurant Champion, to give him the “physical flavour”

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Hades, lets see your build!

There is only one reason that I don’t like the psychic warrior for the Dragon - he doesn’t manifest 9th level or epic powers, and I think that it should be a requirement to cast the metamorphosis spell (the legends of athas team disagree).

I use quite a lot of house rules, but the build is

Wizard (defiler) 2/Psion (egoist) 2/Fighter 2/Slayer 9/Abjurant Champion 3/Mind Mage 10/Arch Defiler 10/Athasian Dragon 12

With him being 50th level, he deals 25d12 damage with his breath weapon (like the AD&D version).

He has both Epic Spellcasting and Epic Manifestation and, thanks to the Psionic Enchanter feat and items that grants a +30 bonus to Spellcraft and Psicraft (swallowed obsidian orbs, of course), he can reach a quite good +129 in Spellcraft and Psicraft, allowing him to cast quite powerful epic spells and powers.

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