Anyone got maps for Celik?

No, I never got a group there.

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@raddu wrong Robert. :slight_smile:

Currently I have some maps, but most of my players are active on this forum.

But I will say that I’m taking inspiration from Phlan in Forgotten Realms and have started modifying the encounter charts in Ruins of Adventure for Athas. The map for the city proper in my game is a rework of Zhentil Keep, but keeping the block-by-block unlocking of neighborhoods feel from Ruins.

My play-by-post is here: The game is the Celik Gold Rush forum.

My Obsidian Portal page is here:

Any maps will eventually be found on that.


@Killer_DM Yeah Bob, show us some maps! :laughing:

Thanks for your update.

Understandable that you are reluctant to share stuff here seeing as your victims :wink: frequent these premises.

I am planning on running some stuff again next year that might include Celik hence the interest. I want a discovery adventuring type too, where gaining a foothold in Celik might be a possible goal as well for my prospective party. The focus will mostly be on the south foothills of the Ringing Mountains range to the northwest of Celik (got inspired by Luke Swadling’s work on King-Maker).

Also, must say (after taking a peek at the encounter charts in Ruins of Adventure) that your modifications for the random encounter charts sounds interesting. In the future, might hit you up about that.

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