"Diving" for treasures in the Silt Sea

It’s canon dude. It states in Dark Sun MC appendix 2 guide on page 163 that Ssurran worship “obscure gods”, which says to me that at least one still has power here, I only allowed one of them to have power, because it actually fits with the narrative of them surviving and reproducing. The other 2 are “dead” gods. The same spells are removed in my game.

Lots of people on athas worship gods, that says nothing about that gods existence. Canon is pretty clear on this. Source: Have read literally every Dark Sun source ever made, including several unreleased ones.

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My game, my rules, I’m not breaking your arm to use my homebrew, I’m just putting it out there IF you want to use it.


Don’t consider the comments as offensive. Yes, this is your game. Started game in X rules should be ended with this same rules. But I gave a note for future. And therefore I used form “real god” because in classic DS any, who was referred to as god, was cheater, non-god being etc.

How I wrote - this is only note for future. You can use it or not. But I noticed that no one made a note of it, so I wanted to make such a note. Every DM with players create word from zero, but few important informations should be in consciousness.

I hope, that here I was clear :slight_smile:

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There is a reason they still have connection to Semuanya, as I said it fits the narrative I am going for… the backstory is this; Cutlists who secretly worship a hag have attuned 6 cursed decanters of endless water to Zuggtmoy on the 222nd layer of the Abyss to try to set up a connection, and bring “water” to Athas once more… but because the decanters are cursed and attuned to an oozy and fungal plane the decanters only spew acidic seawater at a slow rate from the broken stoppers… Unknown to Zuggtmoy, Semuanya who is a “god” of survival has found a way to get powers to Sem’s people by using the decanters as tiny portals. They are only very tiny one way portals though… Basically Sem is routing the call through many routers to get the call to Sem’s people. Obviously, If at any point those decanters are completely destroyed or somehow turned off it would sever the connection.

The water flowing out of the decanters have created large salt mangroves around the area, and a vast salt marsh, but many evil creatures from the abyss have been able to get through. And there are insidious fungal and oozy creatures coming in.

But there you go, you made me explain the backstory on it and now it’s ruined for anyone that reads this…

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