Far Corners of the World

While reviewing the 3.5 book Sandstorm I noticed on page 2, the credits page, under resources that it referred to material by James Jacobs called “The Far Corners of the World—Sand and Sun: Spells
of the Desert”.

This led me down the rabbit hole to discover a lot of good 3.5 material.

Here are the relevant links.




The most applicable to DS:








What marvellous resources! Thank you.


The Durakistad Coin could easily be a crystal world.

The brood monkey, representing degenerated humans, fits Athas quite well.

I thought everyone knew about that, otherwise I would have mentioned it long ago.

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You can’t take anything for granted.

Me too, but they were 19 yr old articles… :grinning:

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Whaaaaaaat? You mean not everyone extensively studies all official 3.5 material since this is the home of the Charter for 3rd edition Dark Sun?



Its more akin to oil exploration. You know its out there but you have to find it.

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I meant that not everyone waited with bated breath for each of those articles to come out like some of us old folks did.

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What are you talking about? It’s all been collected into my archive for years and years now, and publicly available no less for all of that time. Since this forum doesn’t have signatures, it is lost in some post here somewhere, but it is also in my signature over on minmax which is linked via the Master Psionic List here too. I couldn’t replicate the forums (though I tried) because of how they were structured, but I managed to preserve the entirety of the 3.x portions of the website.


It doesn’t surprise me that others have known about this material and have linked to it in the past or collected it up. It was new to me and possibly several others that haven’t been an active part of this community for the last two decades.

I’ve been a DS fan since the mid 90’s. And have followed it for years. I don’t play much, but I. Cannot. Put. The. Setting. Down.

What surprised me about the info was the way I came upon it. It was not from the website posting the material originally or scouring the website. Which I was not following in 2003.

It came about by me Looking for the word “Athas” In 3e published books. To see if anyone had left a reference to this “lost” world in 3e. But the only mention of “Athas” in any 3e material is not in the official rules but in the cover page of the Expanded Psionics Handbook. There it references the 2e book of Psionic Artifacts of Athas among other 2e material. So I decided to check the Sandstorm book to see if it had other inspiration.

Interesting digging up 20 year old rules for a game that is 30 years old.


Ah, Rovewin. The para-elemental lords are pleased with your offerings. W are going to to reward you for your efforts! starts trying to throw you into a volcano mouth ESPECIALLY THE MASTERS OF MAGMA! THE LORDS OF LAVA!

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