Lalali-Puy: most evil Sorcerer Monarch?

That doesn’t track. There’s already a forest and scrubland. Increasing each by 0.01% a year will not substantially increase (beyond a similar 0.01% increase) the number of Defilers destroying it, unless it’s undefended - and if many were working it, it would NOT be undefended.

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To beat desertification, you need to increase far more than 0.01%. And that is without defilers. The desert is constantly encroaching.

If there ever is a 5E Dark Sun I hope they draw a bit more from the West African kingdoms that the honorific “Oba” comes from. Gulg is not explicitly’ african,’ given the whole thing that Athasian city states are supposed to be a giant melting pot of postapocalyptic survivors from across the world all crammed together, but there’s a ton of really cool influence and mythology to draw from. The Mopti wall might already be a shoutout the the ‘Walls of Benin’, which were one of the largest wall systems ever constructed, reportedly being longer than the Great Wall of China, but highly concentrated and earthwork.

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I play the various ethnicities (of humans) on Athas as the nobility being representative of the founding stock of the city (that is, of each city), while the freemen and slaves are a melting pot people not representative of any particular ethnicity. So in this sense, a freeman or slave of Gulg would fit in in any city state, but a noble of Gulg would stand out in another city state. Ditto for nobles from Draj that visit Tyr, for example, but not for Drajian freemen or slaves.

Like a Kebbler Elf? Does that make them evil?

@redking Thinking about it, I see the problem here:

Her plan is to EXPAND the forest, not REVERSE THE LOSS of the forest to the desert.

So, i think I automatically assumed that Gulg had mostly ceased loss of the forest, or that such was step #0 in the plan.

Increasing each by 0.01% a year will not…

This was a net gain in my head.


Plans schmands. The only Sorcerer Monarch that has ever created or expanded any forest in a verifiable manner is Abalach-Re under the guise of her alter-ego, the avangion Rafernard.

Abalach-Re is the ecological winner if you take the consequentialist stance, regardless of her motivations.

Oh I very much agree that Lalali-Puy is extremely evil. She does rule with more restraint in certain ways than other sorcerer kings, and has good publicity. But this countered by the fact, she engaged with genocidal warfare just like the others.

I do think she is more careful to preserve the resources of her city and environment, though that is due to practicality not benevolence. She also knows that if you convince people you are good and wonderful, it’s a lot easier to control them.