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Originally posted by Pennarin`:

The 4e Dark Sun Forum Archive

This is it folks, just two rules, and one’s for you: post links to your stuff!
The other rule relates to me, and it says I have to update the Archive with your links…but that one I follow only when I feel like it :wink:

Dark Sun Primer and Q&A: Your Source of Information, has nothing to do about pre-release stuff. It’s a “How the World Works” type of thread, according to official 2e, 3e, and 4e DS books and novels. Check in there before starting a thread, maybe the answer is here.

+WotC_Rodney’s recounting of My Dark Sun 4E Games (so far!)
+Complete Price Guide for all things Athas

+Collection of Athasian Myths and Stories
+Arcane Apocalypse: an alternate athasian history
+[URL=]Homebrew Dark Sun MM, DMG, PHB[/URL]
+Important Athasians converted to 4E
+The “Find an Explanation for Yuan-Ti on Athas!” Thread
+List here the great names you stumbled upon for characters…

Originally posted by Pennarin:

        • ARCHIVAL 3.5e MATERIAL BELOW - - -

Welcome to the Dark Sun Forum Archive. On this thread I hope to list all the creations of the Dark Sun board members, so that if you want to know what new creations people have come uo with over the years, you check here on this thread.

Submitting your creations

The list mentions all creations on these boards by username. If you want to submit your own creations on the archive, create a post in this thread and fill it with links to your creations, I’ll copy/paste the links to the archive regularly.


  • Do NOT post directly your creations in this thread: create a seperate post first which contains your creations, then link it here. - PLEASE, do not edit your posts to add new material as I won’t be checking up old posts for new information; you got something new for the archive?..simply create a new post with a link to it.

Part 1 lists the classes (prestige classes, core classes, and NPC classes)
Part 2 lists the items (both magical/psionic and mundane)
Part 3 lists the spells and powers
Part 4 lists the monsters
Part 5 lists the NPC conversions (of NPCs from 2E Dark Sun books and novels)
Part 6 lists the feats
Part 7 lists homebrew rules (such as variant defiler rules, armor as damage reduction, alternate druids, spell-less rangers, etc.)
Part 8 lists fan-made fluff and setting expansions (stories about the world of Athas, descriptions of locales and people, legends, traditions, etc.)
Part X is a potpourri of all the fun stuff, the serious stuff, and…well, the other stuff that’s of importance to the community (FAQ, Q&As, inconsistency threads, articles, etc.)

4e Dark Sun

x Omnirahk, half-Rahkshi Thri-Kreen

  • jonplaywu (with initial import of feats from Mist-Bound) [URL=]Defiling Rules[/URL]
  • ishan_wh [URL=]Important Athasians converted to 4E[/URL]

Discussion Threads:
x [URL=]Ideas for Dark Sun 4e[/URL]
x [URL=]Defiling-4th Ed Mechanic Idea[/URL]
x [URL=]A Future for Dark Sun in 4e?[/URL]
x [URL=]Would DS even WORK in 4e?[/URL]
x [URL=]Some mechanics ideas for a 4E Dark Sun[/URL]
x [URL=]My Attempt at 4e Dark Sun[/URL]

Part 1 - Classes
+[URL=]Grymethean (PrC)[/URL]
+[URL=]Mindkiller (PrC)[/URL]

+[URL=]Aeclid (PrC)[/URL]
+[URL=]Arcane Slayer (PrC)[/URL]
+[URL=]Niksilae (PrC)[/URL]
+[URL=]Tarek Shaman (PrC)[/URL]
+[URL=]Tarek Teamfighter (PrC)[/URL]
+[URL=]Tattooist (PrC)[/URL]
x Tenpug’s Comrade (PrC)

+[URL=]Path Devotee (PrC)[/URL]

+[URL=]Athasian Shadow Dragon (PrC)[/URL]

+[URL=]Renegade Templar (PrC)[/URL]
x[URL=]Templar Infiltrator (PrC)[/URL]

-Racial classes ([URL=]Aarakocra[/URL], [URL=]Half-giant[/URL], [URL=]Mul[/URL], +[URL=]Thri-kreen[/URL])

x[URL=]Arcane Specialist (PrC)[/URL]
+[URL=]Crimson Legionnaire (PrC)[/URL]
+[URL=]Crystal Adept (PrC)[/URL]
+[URL=]Defender of the Free (PrC)[/URL]
+[URL=]Honed Blade (PrC)[/URL]
+[URL=]Janissary (PrC)[/URL]
+[URL=]Keeper of the Guarded Lands (PrC)[/URL]
+[URL=]Knight of the Cleansing (PrC)[/URL]
+[URL=]Lion’s Guard (PrC)[/URL]
+[URL=]Member of the Order (PrC)[/URL]
+[URL=]Psiologist (PrC)[/URL]
+[URL=]Werrik’s Slave Hunter (PrC)[/URL]

Kalthandrix/Khaine/Lyric/Rhul-Than Sage
+[URL=]Crystalite (PrC)[/URL]

+[URL=]Pathfinder New base Dark Sun classes, à la d20: Soldier, Nomad, Savage, …[/URL]

+[URL=]Drifter (PrC)[/URL]

-[URL=]Arcanamach (PrC)[/URL]
-[URL=]Bardic Sorcerer (PrC)[/URL]
+[URL=]Brute (PrC)[/URL]
-[URL=]Elemental Champion (PrC)[/URL]
-[URL=]Kestrel (PrC)[/URL]
-[URL=]Mindthief (PrC)[/URL]
-[URL=]Psychic Hound (PrC)[/URL]
-[URL=]Survivor (PrC)[/URL]
-[URL=]Tribal Psionicist (PrC)[/URL]
-[URL=]Weapon Master (PrC)[/URL]

Master Ivan
-[URL=]Torment’s Disciple (PrC)[/URL]

-[URL= ]Diplomat (PrC)[/URL]
-[URL=]Halfling Man-Eater (PrC)[/URL]
-[URL=]Living Legend (PrC)[/URL]
-[URL=]Seeker (PrC)[/URL]
-[URL=]Silt Diver (PrC)[/URL]
-[URL=]Wind Rider Clan series of PrCs[/URL]

-[URL=]Academician (PrC)[/URL]
-[URL=]Ancient Chronicler (PrC)[/URL]
-[URL=]Auditor (PrC)[/URL]
-[URL=]Kalak (ranger) (Substitution Levels)[/URL]
-[URL=]Master Shipfloater (PrC)[/URL]
-[URL=]Qhari-dre (PrC)[/URL]
-[URL=]Scion of the Worm (PrC)[/URL]
-[URL=]Slave-Warrior (PrC)[/URL]

-[URL=]Monarch’s Chosen (PrC)[/URL]

-[URL=]Celerist (PrC)[/URL]

+[URL=]Beast Trainer (PrC)[/URL]
+[URL=]Blind Fighter (PrC)[/URL]
+[URL=]Jazst (PrC)[/URL]
+[URL=]Psi-Monk (Class)[/URL]

-[URL=]Aspirant (PrC)[/URL]
-[URL=]Black Sand Marauder (PrC)[/URL]
-[URL=]Cornac (PrC)[/URL]
-[URL=]Empath Healer (PrC)[/URL]
+[URL=]Matched-Pair (PrC)[/URL]
-[URL=]Montare (PrC)[/URL]
+[URL=]Royal Animator (PrC)[/URL]
-[URL=]Psionicist (NPC Class)[/URL]
-[URL=]Spirit Incarnate (PrC)[/URL]

-[URL=]Arena Mage (PrC)[/URL]

Ruhl-Than Sage
-[URL=]Back-Alley Stalker (PrC)[/URL]
-[URL=]Desert Runner (PrC)[/URL]
-[URL=]Guard (NPC Class)[/URL]

-[URL=]Discipline Master (PrC)[/URL]
-[URL=]Dragon Brood (PrC)[/URL]
-[URL=]Dragon Warrior (PrC)[/URL]
-[URL=]Elemental Tempest (PrC)[/URL]
+[URL=]Meta Mage (PrC)[/URL]
+[URL=]Paragon Classes (Aarakocra, Dwarf, Elf, Half-elf, Half-giant, Halfling, Huamn, Mul, Pterran, Thri-kreen)[/URL]
-[URL=]Paragon Classes (Gith, Jozhal, Tarek, Tari, 1st and 2nd generation Dray)[/URL]
-[URL=]Psionic Archer (PrC)[/URL]
-[URL=]Psionic Beastmaster (PrC)[/URL]
-[URL=]Syphon (PrC)[/URL]
-[URL=]Tari Filth Monger (PrC)[/URL]
-[URL=]Tari Herbal Healer (PrC)[/URL]

The PeaceBringer
-[URL=]Ambofari (PrC)[/URL]
-[URL=]Dead Heart Interrogator (PrC)[/URL]
-[URL=]Drummer of Gulg (PrC)[/URL]
-[URL=]Elite Judaga (PrC)[/URL]
-[URL=]Noble Hunter (PrC)[/URL]
-[URL=]Warden of Gulg (PrC)[/URL]

-[URL=]Mind Lord (PrC)[/URL]

Part 2 - Items

Thread to request creation of a new item: [URL=]click here[/URL]


-[URL=]Belt of Rank[/URL]
-[URL=]Dark Lens[/URL]
-[URL=]Heartwood Spear[/URL]
-[URL=]Scourge of Rkard[/URL]


-[URL=]Arcanis Rod[/URL]
-[URL=]Bard’s Stinger[/URL]
-[URL=]Bracers of the Spiked Carapace Circlet of Psychic Enervation[/URL]
-[URL=]Deep Cutting Diamond-Edge Diamond Razor[/URL]
-[URL=]Elven Knife[/URL]
-[URL=]Obsidian Man of Urik[/URL]
-[URL=]Rod of Arcane Fuel[/URL]
-[URL=]Rod of Spell Secrets[/URL]
-[URL=]Scourge of Rkard[/URL]
-[URL=]Silencer of Bodach[/URL]

Kalthandrix & NytCrawlr

-[URL=]Composite Blade[/URL]

-[URL=]Psurlon Grafts[/URL]
-[URL=]Sanctum Amulet[/URL]

Methvezem & Pennarin
-[URL=]Numerous new items[/URL]

The PeaceBringer
-[URL=]New mundane Gulg weapons[/URL]

Part 3 - Spells and Powers

-[URL=…4#post12093222]Burst of Enslavement (Power)[/URL]
-[URL=]Dead Zone Blast (Spell)[/URL]
-[URL=]Defiler Regeneration (Spell)[/URL]
-[URL=]Mantle of Retribution (Spell)
Ray of No-Sky (Spell)[/URL]
-[URL=]Mists of the Gray[/URL]
-[URL=]Render to Dust (Spell)[/URL]
-[URL=]Shelter of Mind and Soul (Power)[/URL]
-[URL=]Stature of the Dragon (Spell)[/URL]
-[URL=]Step Into the Past (Epic Spell)[/URL]

-[URL=]Bloodfire (Spell)[/URL]
-[URL=]Defiler’s Bane (Spell)[/URL]
-[URL=]Earthstride (Spell)[/URL]
-[URL=]Eruption (Spell)[/URL]
-[URL=]Flame’s Embrace (Spell)[/URL]
-[URL=]Magma Jet (Spell)[/URL]
-[URL=]Molten Grasp (Spell)[/URL]
-[URL=]Obscuring Dust (Spell)[/URL]
-[URL=]Silt Cloud (Spell)[/URL]
-[URL=]Turn Pebble to Boulder (Spell)[/URL]

-[URL=]Flesh of the Walking Dead (Spell)[/URL]

-[URL=]Elemental Edge (Spell)[/URL]
-[URL=]Incendiary Embers (Spell)[/URL]
-[URL=]Liquid Form (Spell)[/URL]
-[URL=]Magma Form (Spell)[/URL]
-[URL=]Magma Whip (Spell)[/URL]
-[URL=]Molten Fist (Spell)[/URL]
-[URL=]Obsidian Spyglass (Spell)[/URL]
-[URL=]Searing Bolt (Spell)[/URL]
-[URL=]Soften Obsidian (Spell)[/URL]
-[URL=]Volcanic Vent (Spell)[/URL]

Rhul-Than Sage
-[URL=]Arise from the Ashes (Spell)
Earthen Fists (Spell)
Fluid Form (Spell)
Inflame Emotions (Spell)
Reveal the Depths (Spell)
Rising Flame (Spell)
Seismic Fist (Spell)
Seismic Stomp (Spell)[/URL]
[URL=]Complied Elemental Cleric Spell Lists + New Spells[/URL]

-[URL=]Strength of the Land (Power)[/URL]
-[URL=]Kinetic Control (Power)[/URL]

Part 4 - Monsters




-[URL=]Twilight Soldier (template)[/URL]


-[URL=]Athasian Pikachu[/URL]

-[URL=]Athasian Creature (template)[/URL]
-[URL=]Athasian Lion[/URL]
-[URL=]Greater Psionocus[/URL]
-[URL=]Morterren Asp[/URL]
-[URL=]Silt Golem[/URL]
-[URL=]Tyr-storm Golem[/URL]

-[URL=]Athasian Nightmare Beast[/URL]
-[URL=]Lord Doomspike[/URL]


-[URL=]Athasian Psurlon[/URL]
-[URL=]Jeipug Mite Swarm[/URL]

Pennarin & The PeaceBringer
-[URL=]Backlash Spirit (template)[/URL]

The PeaceBringer
-[URL=]Cactus Tubeworm[/URL]
-[URL= ]Hegbo[/URL]

-[URL=]Daylight Defiler[/URL]
-[URL=]Obsidian Wound[/URL]

Part 5 - NPC Conversions

-[URL=]Neeva, Rikus, Sadira[/URL]


-[URL=]NPCs from the Freedom adventure[/URL]

-[URL=]Aukash Pad[/URL]


Part 6 - Feats

-[URL=]Eminent Authority[/URL]
-[URL=]Favored Terrain feats[/URL]

-[URL=]Various epic feats for advanced beings[/URL]

-[URL=]Erudit Lore[/URL]
-[URL=]Extended Absence[/URL]
-[URL=]Greater Restoration[/URL]
-[URL=]Improved Restoration[/URL]
-[URL=]True Ambidexterity[/URL]

Methvezem & Pennarin
-[URL=]Blighted Mind
-Entropic Mind
-Inimical Mind
-Nullpsionic Magic
-Psionic Chasm
-Rebuffing Mind
-Strait Mind[/URL]

-[URL=]Casting Concealment
-Dismissible Spell
-Persistent Power
-Poisonous Strike
-Sense the Unseen[/URL]

-[URL=]Syphon Life Force[/URL]

The PeaceBringer
-[URL=]Gulg regional feats[/URL]

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Originally posted by Pennarin:

Part 7 - Homebrew Rules

+Gladiatorial matches rules
xSkill expansions: Bluff, Perform
+Partial armor rules OLD VERSION

-New Epic Spell Seed: Imbue

-Skill expansion: Knowledge (warcraft)

-Affiliation: Nibenay Veiled Alliance

-Alternative Soulknife

xAlternative Half-Giant

-New fire domain

Rhul-Than Sage
-New air domains

The Khan
-Urik city map with legend

-Variant Dark Sun rules
Athasian Paladin(x)

-New magma and silt domains, and various Initiate feats

Part 8 - Fan-made Fluff and Setting Expansions

-The Food of the Tyr Region

-Golden Kank menu

-Misha’s Rejection
-Tale of the Paraelemental Plane of Sun
-The Cultists of Yeshlem & The City of Glorious Scales

-Pterran Society
-Pterran Timeline

Grummore & Ruhl-Than Sage
-Athasian Heraldry

-Death of an Athasian Salesman

Lurking Shadow
-Halflings of the Small Water Oasis
-Villichi: Convent of the Harmonious Blade

+The Pain in a Mother’s Womb
Vision of Truth (URL does not exist, not on WebArchive

-Pennarin’s Illithid Project

-Tari Timeline

The PeaceBringer
-Gulg [ideas]: a thread with legends of the gulgan people

-Xlor’s take on the nature benders/kreen idea as an explanation for the kreen empire’s zik-chil (see post #36, page 2)

Part X - Potpourri

Official 3rd Edition Dark Sun website - is the website hosting the official material on which 9/10 of all the things in the archive are based upon.

FAQ - A FAQ that can answer several of your questions about the How and Why of Dark Sun 3rd Edition.

Timeline of Athas - The official timeline of Dark Sun events, as written by the TSR staff before the setting was discontinued.

Buying 2nd Edition Dark Sun material - Try RPGnow for online PDFs, or Alibris and Amazon for used material.

Location of Dark Sun players around the world - A world map with pointers and varying levels of contact information are provided.

Researching the Dark Sun boards - The Search option being down is preventing you from finding out the location of important threads? Simply click here. You’ll see several blank lines: write the words “dark sun” (without the quotation marks) in the first line, and whatever exact word or phrase you’re searching for in the second line.

Q&As - Several Q&As about the world of Athas and the game, with some of the original designers and writers of the setting.

Inconsistencies - Ever wondered what to do when Dark Sun books and novels contradict each other? These threads explore those “inconsitencies” and may help you.

Articles -
Kalak and Irikos contradiction (URL Does not exist
]Kalid-Ma/Ravenloft contradiction (URL does not exist

Important or funny threads -
-Champion Prototype?
-Collection of funny quotes from the Dark Sun boards

-Discussion on the Spirits of the Land
-Huge thread on what music people listen to for Dark Sun gaming sessions
-Kalak vs. Irikos, you decide…

-Irikos: champion or not
-Kreen Invasion Plot Details?

-Links to letters from and personal notes of Lynn Abbey, author of the controversial Rise and Fall of a Dragon King novel
-Musings about the roles of the Champions…

-Musings on the Brown Tide
-pre-Cleansing Wars races

-Spirit Lords of Ur-Draxa
-The Sorcerer Kings’ Present Goals and Schemes?
-Templar Advanced Being
-The Right and Left Hands of Rajaat?

-True Champion numbers reasoned

-URL= Brief sorcerer-king sketch[/URL]
-Where are all the Darksun players over the world?

-Where do Clerics go when they die?
-Wild Talents: How to Handle Them in 3e
-The Role of Athas’ Sun
-The benefits of Defiling over Preserving
-The particularities of energy gathering

-Athas Planetary and Cosmological View…
-Athasian Quebec peoples rules!!! (post #23 lists the Quebec Champions)
-Roots of the city-states in ancient civilizations
-Conversion notes for PrCs from non-DS sources
-Was Umbra a Fire Cleric or Druid?
-The Sadira Problem
-Did Denning Destroy the Dark Lens?
-There Are No Shadow Giants After the Cerulean Storm?
-Kurn and Eldaarich culture

-sacha and wyan: the extent of their powers as undead champions
-The Golden Kank - athasian haute cuisine!
-Living elemental vortices
-Population and Demographics of the Tyr Region
-101 Damnations and other silly adventure ideas, a storyteller’s exercise
-What is special to you about Dark Sun?
-Steal this Hook…DS Style!
-Why Could Rajaat Not Be Killed?
-Could Tithian have become a Sorcerer-King?

Originally posted by squidfur-:

Good thinkin’ Penn.

This also seems like an appropriate place to have this…

2nd ed. kits - 3rd ed PrCs

[SIZE=3]The Will and the Way[/SIZE]
-Auditor - in the works by Methvezem (
-Beastmaster Psionicist - in the works by Sysane (
-Mercenary Psionicist
-Noble Psionicist
-Psiologist - in the works by Methvezem( &- Kalthandrix (
-Sensei - Psionic Monk (
-Tribal Psionicist - in the works by Khaine (

The Complete Gladiator’s Handbook
-Beast Trainer - in the works by Nyt (
-Blind Fighter - in the works by Nyt (
Arena Champion - Arena Champion (
Professional Gladiator - same as core gladiator (
-Jazst - in the works by Nyt (
-Montare - in the works by Nyt and Pennarin (
Reaver - Reaver (
Gladiatorial Slave

Earth, Air, Fire, and Water
The Wanderers
Guardians of the Shrine
Clerics of the Cities

Elves of Athas
Savage Hunter
Thri-kreen Slayer - Kreen Slayer (
Free-Wanderer - in the works by Squidur and Methvezem
Battle Dancer - Battle Dancer (
Elemental Singer - Elemental Singer (
Brown Elf

Thri-kreen of Athas
Tik (Hunter)
Tik-Tik (Guardian) - Tik-Tik (
Kalak (Scout)
Kik (Raider)
Tekchakak (Pack Psionicist)
Kiltektet (Student Missionary) - feat (

Defilers and Preservers: The Wizards of Athas
Advanced Being - Advanced Being (
-Arena Mage - Arena Mage in the works by Squidur (hey that’s me!!) and Pennarin (
Cerulean - Cerulean (
Chasseur- Chasseur (
Earth Defender - Earth Defender (
Free Wizard
Restorationist - Restorationist (
Shadow Wizard - Shadow Wizard (
Tribal Wizard
Necromancer - Necromant (

City-State of Tyr
Draqoman - Draqoman (

Windriders of the Jagged Cliffs
Chahn Terrorist

Dragon 194
-Slave Warrior - Slave Warrior in the works by Methvezem(
Veiled One - Veiled One (
Archanamach - Royal Defiler (
-Chronicler Ancient Chronicler in the works by Methvezem(
Tribal Priest
Noble Psionicist
Untutored One

Dragon 231
Gray Chasseur
Obscure - Shadow Wizard (
Relic Seeker

Originally posted by nytcrawlr:

+Alternative Half-Giant

Psi-Monk class URL Does not exist (

+Jazst, Beast Trainer and Blindfighter

Originally posted by zombiegleemax:

Khaine’s Prestige Classes
-Arcanamach -
-Bardic Sorcerer -
-Brute -
-Elemental Champion -
-Kestrel -
-Mindthief -
-Psychic Hound -
-Survivor -
-Weapon Master -

Conversions In the Works
The Will and the Way
Tribal Psionicist - Tribal Psionicist prc

Earth, Air, Fire, and Water

Guardians of the Shrine - Shine Guardian prc
Shamans - Shaman prc (with Elemental and Druidic varients)

Defilers and Preservers: The Wizards of Athas
Illusionist - Illusionist prc

Originally posted by nytcrawlr:


Tim Brown’s

Kevin Melka’s

Matt Forbeck’s

Troy Denning’s

Originally posted by nytcrawlr:

And here’s the main link for the Q&A material (I really, really, truly, desperately wish that WotC would get that freaking search function working again :stuck_out_tongue: ) in case people want to check it out or add on to it.


Once I get done with this whole possible new job thing and all that I am going to start working on the Bill Slavicsek and Troy Denning Q&A.

Originally posted by nytcrawlr:

Kam’s Doomspike!

Elonarc’s Athasian Pikachu

complete with imagery…

Originally posted by elonarc:

Originally posted by methvezem:

Great idea Pennarin! :lightbulb

For Part 1:
The Scion of the Worm PrC

For Part 2:
-by Methvezem and Pennarin
Dark Sun magic item request

New wondrous and universal items for Athas

Originally posted by nytcrawlr:

+Kalak and Irikos contradiction

+Shei-nad’s Kalid-ma/Ravenloft contradiction

And some NPCs

+Freedom NPCs

Originally posted by methvezem:

Some other links:

-Feats by Methvezem:
Entropic Mind
Inimical Mind

-Feat by Pennarin
Rebuffing Mind

-Feat by Sysane
Syphon Life Force (Epic)

Spells by Pennarin
-Flesh of the Walking Dead
-Tap the Life Force

Powers by Pennarin
-Epic Simulacrum
-Epic Schism

Power by Methvezem
-Power Syphon

PrC by Pennarin
-Royal Animator :wink:

Magic Item by Methvezem
-Sanctum Amulet

Originally posted by xlorepdarkhelm_dup:

My tongue-in-cheek take on the real reasons for the selection of tasks for the Champions:


My personal rule modifications for Dark Sun:


I made a slight modification from my previous take on it, making the Sorcerer have the Unearthed Arcana rules for the Battle Sorcerer variant integrated in it.
(my other contributions – namely the Dragons and Avangions, are being supplanted by the materials from the Epic Bureau, and are also offline. As such, I’m not gtoing to link all those threads)

Originally posted by xlorepdarkhelm_dup:

+The Athasian Paladin

+The Athasian Sorcerer

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Ugh…just looking over this and how much didn’t get moved. It makes me sad. Wish WotC would have just shut off access to create new posts/comments instead of killing the boards completely.


It’s a real tragedy. Most of this stuff can’t even be accessed via archive dot org.

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I’ve kept my sanity by not looking at it

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Well you can look at it now, the forums are up on the Archives of Pandius.

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Only a tiny portion is


…really? i’ve found almost everything listed above while searching around. every feat, spell etc plus some more. the only thing that isn’t there are things stored on other sites.


I have my rules. I am not sure how much more than that any more.