What was your introduction to Dark Sun?

I took a chance and bought it from the local comic-book shop and then introduced all my D&D playing friends the game; and then, we found other friends that liked Dark Sun; this was back in '92

I actually spend a whole day, that summer, reading the entire box-set from cover to back, so I knew how to run it.

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Exactly this! It’s not an amoral world. It’s the campaign where the moral stakes are really high. Where you can make the most difference, where your actions really matter, etc.


So. It seems that I’m an outlier.

I started playing D&D (B/A thru 2e as editions changed) and Star Frontiers back during the early 80s, and subsequently branched out to many other RPG systems. Except for grimdark and apocalyptic, which at the time I didn’t like.

Thus I actually skipped Dark Sun 2e (and Gamma World for that matter). I eventually came to appreciate mid/post apocalyptic, but I still don’t like grimdark.

It wasn’t until I was looking for “MORE PSIONICS” for 3rd edition that I found Athas.org and also Dark Sun.

Therefore, I’m the strange fan who only discovered Dark Sun for the psionics material and related concepts and have never read any of the novels, or played a single game of Dark Sun. And even within the rule books, I skipped all the useless fluff and pointless story parts in favor of the valuable rules mechanics.

In conclusion, I will comment that through the fervor and devotion of the Athas.org fan base, and despite my obsessive autistic focus on the rules, that I have actually gained more appreciation for the plot arcs and story details of the Dark Sun universe. You lot are true fans to have managed to get that through my (DR 30/rules mechanics) skull, lol!

First was an ad for Dark Sun Shattered Lands in some English gaming magazine. The art instantly attracted my interest.
Then I played the game and became hooked.
I been collecting fan based content for Dark Sun since 90s and some of it is on old PC in the attic.

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When you get the chance, post the fan material here. We have been trying to preserve fan works.

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For me it started way back when I visited a local gaming shop, saw the original boxed set on the shelves and bought it. After reading the opening paragraph of The Wanderer’s Journal, still one of the best and most evocative openings anywhere, I was mesmerised by the whole setting. In fact Dark Sun literally changed my mind on what fantasy could be given just how unique it was.


Also, some of the same friends that were really into Dark Sun, were also into Battltech: playing the Clans because of their superior genetics and mechs.

I don’t think they would have played Dark Sun if it was, 3D6 in Order.

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my original introduction to dark sun was to the art via the Spellfire card game from the 1990s, then i got into d&d and we had dark sun stuff for us to play at the local game store.

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Dark Sun 2e wasn’t just my first exposure to the setting, it was also my first Dungeons and Dragons product. The first characters and games I ever did in DnD were from the 2e revised boxed set. I started RPGs with Earthdawn 1e in the 1990s when I was in middle school. I played whole campaigns of that before I ever got anything DnD. That Dark Sun box isn’t just my idea of the setting, it’s also centrally connected to my whole experience of DnD – which is quite odd, since it’s so far outside the norm of any of the other 2e settings.