An INCAN themed sorcerer king and his kingdom

I´m studying SERIOUSly incan mythos, they differ A LOT from others mythos such as mesoamerican (who inspired Tectuktitlay)

Name: Tongo Capac
Empire: Pichqasuyu
Capital: Chakan
Description: This sorcerer king looks fat, but in fact is as deadly as the other sorcerer kings
His capital Chakan (It´s inspired in old Qosqo -the real capital from incan empire) is at the antipode of the planet where Tyr are

How to reach Chakan and the empire Pichqasuyu (“5 parts” in Chakan language -it´s quechua if you wanna know-)
The easiest way is to ride one of the colossal creatures near the ocean of silt who are between the 2 continents, some of them are quite peaceful, but all of them never goes near sorcerer cities (they remember the sorcerer king using them as punchbags) colossal rocs and similar mounstrosities

Others ways include found the Horgars´ (massive grey slugs as hot as a volcano) underground tunnels and travel below the ocean of silt (Horgar is in some supplement of Athas)

And real strong use of psychoportive powers can also do the trick

Although that does not means that sorcerer kings dont ask for a fee to doing that, or even forbid that kind of travel

Anyway you need either a great amount of time (old Colombus took 3 to 5 years to reach Central America from Spain) or quite a fast metod of travel (today planes fly near speed of sound, and some today ships travel in the water at similar speed) to reach Pichqasuyu

A gruesome welcoming
Also the travel there is dangerous, most common sickness are unknown in the Tyr region and the Hinterlands of it, so any creature must survive any of the sickness they found there to consider acclimated to the Pichqasuyu region,
the contrary is also true so if you come from Pichqasuyu to the Tyr region so any creature must survive any of the sickness they found in the Tyr region to consider acclimated to the new region,

Weapon differences
Some types of weapons do NOT exists on the Pichqasuyu region, those include swords, daggers and similar weapons such as rapiers
The clerics ALWAYS use axes instead of maces, and the most common weapon is the mace (and their variations) for gladiators, fighters and others characters
There also no big headed axes or maces, instead the grip part is larger so you get more lever, (in game terms is only a cosmetic variation so use the morning star stats for a long pole mace, for example)

(i will post more later)

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Also in Pichqasuyu there are no crossbow of any type

New weapons (inspired in REAL weapons used in incan empire)

  • Tumi
    In Pichqasuyu there are a strange type of knife called the tumi, it has a small semicircular end. It not make piercing damage, cause with a semicircular movement you can cut like a sword (who as previously said do NOT exist in Pichqasuyu -unless a foreign brings one-)
  • Waraka
    Waraka is just a big sling, it uses pellets (reference: as big as a hen egg) consider they do damage as a crossbow
  • Ayllo
    that is not a weapon but a strong rope made of avaliable materials (such as giant hair) this rope replaces the handle of weapons, so they are used in a circular movement pattern

How to reach Chakan and the empire Pichqasuyu
Somewhat cloudrays can be trained to reach Chakan