Anyone want to collaborate to finish mapping Athas and developing the rest of the world?

What the post says. There were some great expansions to Athas done on It seems a shame it was never completed, including the other continents. There were also a ton of ideas thrown out (someone saved them in a doc I downloaded to my googledrive) for some of these areas – like an elemental theocracy that worships drakes on the far western side of the continent, that I’d be interested in fleshing out more.

Secondarily, I’d be interested in redoing some of the city maps to make them more realistic – most of the maps have this horrible fantasy city map habit of having way too few buildings for the supposed populations. I think the idea is that it’s too much work to draw them all, and that each building is supposed to represent a block or more. I’d like to try for something better, also for any new city states created.

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Would be nice, but nay, I wouldn’t want the world of Athas to be ever, “Finished”. Each DM, if they have a new idea for a Region Beyond Tyr, they should do it and not necessarily rely on pre-made maps. It’s a garden unplanted.

I would love to help. In particular, I’ve been obsessing and collecting all the world maps and data about the genre for several months now since I got back into Dark Sun.

Not long ago, I got it into my head the dream of reconciling all the world maps into one big expanded map with full information of everything everyone has done to date. Perhaps even something like the interactive map made by Digital Wanderer:

I 100% agree with @Ral.of.Tyr that no D&D map should ever be fully filled out in too much detail, but I’ve always found giving DM’s some threads to start with is never a bad thing. Otherwise, people would never spend money on gaming supplements. :wink:

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