Athasian sayings

Kalak was known throughout the city states not only as a tyrannical Sorcerer King, but also to have originated many pithy sayings now in common use thoughout known world.

Most bards are not assassins, but most assassins are bards. A statement of fact about bards. Also a bad apple spoils the bunch.

Hang an Erdlu’s head, buy rat’s meat. To advertise erdlu meat but replace with rat’s meat. Merchants that cheat their customers. Someone cheated by a merchant in terms of the quality of the product uses this idiom.

Whip in the hand or the lash on the back. Dog eats dog. Enslave or be enslaved. This saying describes ruthlessness in personal or business dealings. Can take positive or negative connotations depending on the context.

A nobleman would rather die than allow insult to his king. This has a non literal idiomatic meaning. Death before dishonor.

Slave’s words. An opinion unworthy of consideration. A stupid or foolish statement.

Silent slaves speak no treason. This idiom refers to the threat of slave revolts, periodic events which terrify slave holders. When this idiom is used, it means finding the ringleader instigating slaves and removing or killing him.

Magic charms the married woman. Kalak claims that the moral decay of Tyrian society is caused by magic. This idiom also refers to charm type spells making married women fornicate with members of the Veiled Alliance, who according to Kalak and his templars do this kind of thing.

Mark not the flesh of a bed slave. If disobedient, call a mindbender. Highly trained bed slaves are worth a lot of money, so whipping them reduces their value. Mindbenders can adjust the attitude of the disobedient slave. Idiomatically this means ‘don’t destroy your own property’. This idiom can be used for any expensive slave, not just bed slaves.

Best not provoke the Dragon. Don’t pick a fight you can’t win. Don’t bite off more than you can’t chew.