Bard's Poisons - How many?


Howdy folks, I’ve been wondering about this detail in the original 2e Bard rules, and this looked like the best place to ask the experts. So hello to you all.

The 2e original book states that the Bard can make one dose of poison “for free” each day with readily available materials. So far so good.

But… is there a limit to how many doses the bard can stack up?

The book doesn’t state if this “free dose” must be used in the same day or lost (sort of like a “daily spell” in the sense that you get to use one poison free per day), or if it’s just like a regular crafting, in that the bard could spend 60 days of downtime in town and then just have 60 doses of poison available to use.

Does anyone know if this is mentioned somewhere in some book? Or if not, how have you handled it in your games? Any limitations at all?

On a side note… is there a 2e book for Dark Sun bards?
Like those are for Gladiators, Priests and such.

(Brent Welborn) #2

Great question. I know of no rule that limits the number of poison doses a bard may carry. I’ve never had the need to limit it, because I keep my players busy. If they take a lot of downtime, not only will they lose a lot of money making opportunities, but adventures will go uncompleted. Heck, their allies will need their help at least a dozen times in 60 days.

Sadly, there is no Dark Sun Bard book that I know of for any edition. Something else to work on, I suppose.


Fantastic! I’m inclined myself to allow bards to stack as much poison as they want. Maybe just rule that if one is carrying too much around the cities it may arouse the suspicion of the authorities.

(Brent Welborn) #4

Any amount of poison is illegal. More is just easier to find. Also, it would suck to be carrying a vast quantity of contact poison and trip on a rock.