Black Spine [DS official adventure]

(Mr Eco) #1

I’m thinking of running this as the concluding adventure to my DS campaign. What are you thoughts about it? Have you run it? Any issues or inconsistencies worth addressing?

(Jim Carless) #2

Yes, I ran it! Well, I ran part of it. Very, very difficult for my players because they thought it was just a bunch of low-level Gith. I advanced some of the Gith into formidable fighters and, of course, adapted it for 3.5. After they killed off the Gith, they thought they were finished, and never went through the round stone door that blocked off the nest from Yathazor. My players never went further. If you have read the adventure, then you know what happened a month later. I asked them several times…“Are you sure?” They said they would get back to it later. By the time they got back to it, the invasion was on. I used the Lich Queen adventure from Dragon Mag. #100 for the invasion. Loads of fun!

(Felix Gonzalez) #3

Been awhile since i read that one and i can’t find it for the life of me, so I’m going from memory (keep this in mind).

Firstly, you might want to add/change monsters in the encounters as there are too many gith… at least for my players (they get bored quickly with mono encounters).
Secondly, the first part seemed kind of ‘meh’, and I’d skip some stuff.


I forgot thirdly… crap.

Anyways, it really depends on you and your players. I really liked it and recommend it, I’d just change/add/remove some stuff, which is expected and encouraged, so as to tailor the adventure to your group’s tastes.
Sorry if i wasn’t much help, but i can’t find my copy of the adventure and I haven’t seen it for a while…

Anyways, best of luck! Cheerio!

(Brent Welborn) #4

I never ran it, as it introduces too much metal to Athas. I’ll eventually run it, but I’ll convert it to be an Athasian threat, as opposed to an other-worldly threat. Also, I never understood why anyone would want to invade Athas. Athas is a wasteland.

(Mr Eco) #5

Thanks for the feedback fellas.
@jcarless Such incidents suck, feels like the players just plainly abandoned your adventure, especially the juiciest part. But then, your idea of running the Lich Queen (I think it’s actually Dungeon #100) is one I seriously consider if my players dismiss the door.
@The_Wanderer LOL I bet I’ll change some stuff, to better suit my group’s playstyle. They might not bother with the limitless gith encounters; besides, they know Blackspine Mountains is infested with the lot of them. I also find the intro to the adventure kinda linear and uninspiring. Perhaps I could use some of the groups presented in the Ivory Triangle, like Poortool’s Horde or Fort Inix, and tailor them along with Tenpug’s Band into the story.
@Rajaat99 There’s too much metal to be found, indeed. And my players being the greedy type will always pick and arm themselves with every metal component they find (who wouldn’t?). Since it’s the concluding adventure to our campaign, however, I might have to overlook that. As for Athas being a wasteland, there’s also slavery. The gith would be much more interested in using/trading slaves than farming the land, bodies to be used for labour, cannon fodder, sacrifice, or whatever come to any DM’s mind.

(Felix Gonzalez) #6

Agreed, too much metal, not a fan of the planar travel either…

Unless they want the secrets to Defiling magic, so that they can go around destroying worlds and sucking them lifeless at the same time. Hehehe…

(Matthew T Laux) #7

Ran it back in the old days. It was fun for me, but my players hated it at the end. Adding githyanki to Athas ruined their sense that Athas was unique, they all said it was like turning darksun into post-apocalyptic greyhawk.