City-state of Balic


I would like to know if it is possible to get access to the supplement City-state of Balic that was planned by but not finished/released as far as I know ? Even if it is not edited or contains missing parts.
I can contribute to the project, as I’m very interested in this city-state and region of Athas.
Is it still a project going on ?


(Brent Welborn) #2

I would also be interested in this project.

(Joshua Slane) #3

I would be interested as well.

(Matthew T Laux) #4

I always wondered why the Elf slaying Champion allowed elves in his city

(Stuart Lynch) #5

Once the Champions realised Rajaat was tricking them the only one who maintained the “Death to Demihumans” mantra was Dregoth. I always figured the rest of them had bigger things to worry about (Borys’ rampage, each other, total ecological collapse of the planet) than to keep Rajaats racism and genocidal ideas going.

(Joshua Slane) #6

Also remember that they have to make yearly sacrifices to the Dragon, and they need a certain population to fuel their own transformations as well. There’s just not enough living souls to waste, especially if you go with the official numbers.


I thought i read somewhere that Andropinis still doesn’t care for elves and they’re not particularly welcome in Balic…

(Brent Welborn) #8

Well, considering their reputation for thievery and selling illegal goods, I don’t think they’re particularly welcome in any city state.

(Stuart Lynch) #9

Elves aren’t especially welcome in any of the Seven Cities, but it makes sense that they’d keep a low profile and small number in Balic if Andropinis is negatively minded toward them. They wouldn’t likely know who he was as Albeorn - that’s the point of changing your name. Alone of the other SKs only Lalali-Puy didn’t wipe out her race, but that said, there are no major Aarakocra settlements in the Windbreak Mountains so she probably doesn’t get a buzzing in her head that often (I’m ignoring Borys as he has his dwarf-free stronghold in Ur-Draxa way away from everyone else).

(Joshua Slane) #10

Sielba also failed in her quest but her city was destroyed before the typical game starts.

One other thing, continuing their murder of demihumans might have been politically unwise as it reeks of loyalty to Rajaat.

(Jaan) #11

I’d be interested too :slight_smile: