D&D 5E adventures adaptation to DS

(Felix Chaves) #1

Hi I have been a long time fan of DS since my college days, and now several decades later will like to slowly introduce my players to my beloved setting.

I thought about using a previous edition DS adventure and converted to 5E, but lately decided to go the other way around and maybe adapt a short adventure to the Dark Sun Setting, maybe re-skinning the monsters, tweaking the rules here and there, etc…

Right now I am thinking about using the Lost Mines of Phandelver as my guinea pig for this. Have someone done this before? Any tips or suggestions are more than welcome.

Thanks mates!

(Tom Barker Carley) #2

Princes of the Apocalypse can be blended into Athas with little difficulty, I just swapped the cults of elemental evil for the paraelemental clerics.

(Felix Chaves) #3

Thanks I’ll take a look to that. :sunglasses:


I’m fairly certain Princes of the Apocalypse has a Dark Sun conversion in the Appendix of that adventure. Nothing major, but it gives you ideas anyways.

(Stuart Lynch) #5

Yeah, it suggests VA for Harpers, a Templarate for the Lords Alliance and setting it in the Great Alluvial Sand Wastes near Kled. Useful stuff but as Superchunk77 said, nothing groundbreaking.