Favorite Adventures?

(Chris Flipse) #1

Do you have a favorite Dark Sun module? What was it, and why?

(Cyril Monastyrski) #2

Dragon’s Crown, surely.


Part of the Dragon’s Crown adventure is ludicrous. Are the PCs going to destroy the Psionatrix with the Water Hammer? I don’t think so. I am thinking that once the Psionatrix is in the hands of the PCs they are more likely to want to destroy the Water Hammer.

(Cyril Monastyrski) #4

Hamanu is also likely to predict such an attempt.

(Chris Flipse) #5

Have you guys seen Rich Baker’s reflections on Dragon’s Crown?

So, how do I think I did with 23 years of hindsight? As I write this, I have the old module spread out on my desk, and I’m looking through the various components. (Annoyingly enough, I don’t have the darned poster map, so I can’t admire my awesome psionic fortress. Wonder where that went?) In retrospect, there are definitely parts that are pretty railroad-ish or heavy-handed, although part of that was my excessive paranoia in making sure all the contributing authors knew where to start and stop their sections. I also seem to have been VERY fond of boxed text back in the day, although that was kind of a 2e style thing.

(Cyril Monastyrski) #6

Now yes. :sunglasses:


Interesting, Flip.

I am really curious at to which groups that actually played Dragon’s Crown destroyed the Psionatrix. I mean it would be against the best interests of the PCs to do it. Also the Psionatrix isn’t an evil artifact so destroying it isn’t even an act of insufferable do-gooding (which isn’t a Dark Sun campaign theme in the first place anyway).

A high level PC psion has a decent chance against a sorcerer king with the Psionatrix.


A thought, perhaps Pharistes corrupted it somehow, so that it would only work for his mind? He was a telepath, after all. Maybe anyone who tried to use it would immediately become subject to a mind seed effect instead.

(Ryan Conrad) #9

Our group did. As did the one i DM’d almost two decades later. All it really takes is the threat of Defiling magic becoming even MORE prominent to fill the niche psionics plays in the world. It woulld also mean no more avangions in the future. All that and the knowledge that Hamanu would likely destroy Tyr if he found out they betrayed him. The characters keeping it might be more powerful in the short term, but it would put a dragon sized target on them. When I ran it though, I don’t recall my players having much time to think about it, as they were getting their butts kicked by the Order when they got to that room.