Forum Bug - image at top when scrolling down in chrome

(nijineko prismaticpsion) #1

Seems that when I select a topic/post and scroll down that the “dark sun” image up top is broken in chrome. it’s fine anytime on my mobile, however, or when I’m at the top of the page in chrome. Just me or is this widespread?


I have the same problem in Chrome and Brave.

(Chris Flipse) #3

will take a look. Likely a bad config

(nijineko prismaticpsion) #4

Thank you very much for looking into this. It’s still happening as of today, btw.

(Chris Flipse) #5

Yeah … turns out, all of the uploaded image assets are gone. The only reason the primary logo shows is because I linked that one straight off wikipedia (which is probably against their TOS, but …)

I’d like to figure out if it’s something with the Discourse setup, or if it’s just an artifact of a restructuring I did a while back. Either way, I’ll have it replaced tomorrow… :confused:

(nijineko prismaticpsion) #6

Still appears to be a bug, fyi, and Happy after-the-fact Thanksgiving. ^^