Kalidnay's Culture

(Felix Gonzalez) #1

Does anybody know if Kalidnay’s culture was ever elaborated on? I’ve heard that some make it Ægyptian in style and feel, though i don’t know if that is official.

Thanks in advance!


I don’t really think there’s any support for the Egyptian thing. More just so many ancient civilizations are represented by the various city-states, but Egypt is conspicuously absent, so someone hit on it as an option.

I always went with a south asian pseudo-indian type thing, similar to Raam.

Along those lines, I always felt like the dominant race/culture in the tablelands was an Indian patois. With some other south asian and near eastern border cultures.

(Felix Gonzalez) #3

Yeah, that’s what i figured…

I’d like to make each City-State unique though, but i don’t like the Ægyptian idea for Kalidnay, even though i love Ancient Ægypt.

Maybe it’s name gives a clue? What language does Kalidnay seem to belong to? Doesn’t sound Ægyptian, Greek, Indian, nor Mesopotamian to me… any ideas?

(Matthew T Laux) #4

The source material from Ravenloft always struck me as kinda Celtic-meets-Thai

(Felix Gonzalez) #5

This is the only art of Kalidnay that we have, as far as i know of.

What culture would you guys say the architecture and dress belong to?

(Stuart Lynch) #6

It’s reminiscent of Khmer architecture to my mind - think Angkor Wat.

(Felix Gonzalez) #7

Another Nibenay?

EDIT: Darn, you’re right! Just looked it up.
So another Khmer/Angkor Wat city-state…

How about dress? It’s different than Angkor Wat’s.

(Stuart Lynch) #8

Culturally its not a match but the architecture is reminiscent of Khmer. shrugs If Kalid-Ma ever makes it back and decides to rebuild I’d guess the culture would be completely different anyway.

Edit I’ve always liked the idea of Kalid-Ma having a last servant on Athas who collects the orbs, takes them to Ravenloft and brings KM back, forcing a conjunction that shifts the city back to Athas. Pick another island of dread to go with it and you can pretty much pick whatever culture you want :grinning:

(Felix Gonzalez) #9


That was Sokar, one of my DS characters… lol

Yes, you’re right about if they came back.

But I’d like to know about before.
But, HEY! I’m grateful for your expertise!
Guess we may never know, eh?