Looking for a few players in a pre-existing Dark Sun game. 2E Play by Post

I use Obsidian Portal for the general wiki, players, NPCs, maps and items…


And a Proboard site for the actual game(s).


I generally post a couple times a day. Dependent of participation of course. Message me here if you’re interested… or any of you can ghost the game.


Y’all can’t be completely tied up. This is Dark Sun… how often you get to actually play? The current campaign has the players assembling weapons to deal with a psurlon threat they discovered in South Ledopolus.

Originally assembled in Balic.

Have traveled to Nibenay and possibly put themselves on the Shadowking’s radar, while absconding with a pair of obsidian urns that were purported to have been taken from Harkor’s realm. With anyone whose read the SotDL, you should find that interesting. :wink:


Hey Robert:

I would love to, but I’m already signed onto another play by post game on Obsidian Portal. What with the other projects I’m involved in, I fear I may be in danger of overcommitting. I will join you next time. Cool?

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Well, I’m in that game myself. :stuck_out_tongue: I will say that my games are faster paced, but Jesse is a helluva writer/DM.

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Hah. Figures. I guess this isn’t that big of a world after all.

As soon as I get closer to publishing my own book I’m writing, I’ll have more time again.