New Big Baddies


So I’m working on a campaign for the benefit of my daughter that ultimately will span a lot of published d&d worlds, incorporating a ton of stuff, but starts on Athas.

I’m trying to figure out who would make a good campaign-spanning villain/foil, coming from a place of taking a somewhat secondary character and spinning them into something greater.

Along those lines, Future-Tithian would be a sort of mentor figure. Some ideas I have:

Sacha of Arala. The first champion manages to resurrect and re-embody himself. Rajaat is no more, but Sacha can surely meet and exceed his old master’s ambitions and plans.

Athrialix Denestor. The former psionics professor of Tyr and would-be sorcerer-king. He’s smart enough to know he’s swimming with the sharks (actual sorcerer-kings, the order, etc), but has the potential power and acumen to make it big.

Liumakh. I’ve actually toyed with the idea of Liumakh being a ghost of a clone of Sacha, and his plans are primarily for the destruction of the former champions and freeing of Rajaat, focused primarily on Nibenay, because Nibenay was the one who “created” the Hollow and cyst that traps Rajaat’s remains. It’s all about names (Sacha being a form of diminutive for Aleksandr, and Liumakh being a Ukrainian name).

Temmnya Shom. She does make a play for Tyr in that newish novel, is a total snake, and comes from the creepily decadent House Shom. Her dad was a total reformer until he became patriarch, after which he turned into creepy uncle professor creeper teaching decadence 101 at a community college. One could argue that he was just corrupted by power and decadence. Or one could argue that House Shom has some more otherworldly secrets that corrupts its family heads.

Siemhouk. This kid is a totally sociopath and snake. The old 2e material had her as kind of a personality-less autistic tool of her father, but the city under the sand novel has her as a much more interesting political power to be reckoned with, and utter sociopath. Her dad intends to use her in his dragon progression, but there’s no way she intends to keep playing 2nd fiddle.

Sadira. Let’s say the prism pentad doesn’t turn out the way it did, and she utterly succumbs to her defiler ways. Let’s go with that version, and up her desire for power to the nth degree.

Any other ideas?

(Andrea Ferrari) #2

Even the “canon” Sadira seems to be one willing to do anything “for the greater good”, and also she’s quite power hungry. For instance, she didn’t gave back Ktandeo’s Cane to Nok.

That easily can make her a villain, somethink akin of a Sorcerer King like Hamanu or The Oba (they sorta want the well-being of their city, but are willing to do amoral things to achieve that).

I don’t remember if ALL the 20 Spirit Lords of Ur-Draxa were destroyed in the Cerulean Storm. One (or some) of them could’ve survived.

(Stuart Lynch) #3

One potential group of antagonists would be the Dragon Warriors of the Iron Citadel in the Ring of Fire. Even if the Lord Warrior (their nominal leader) was killed when Rajaat was released, the Warriors might have escaped and set up shop elsewhere. If they rallied any survivors of Ur-Draxa they could have a sizeable and well equipped force which would be a match for even the elite forces of the remaining SKs.

Another interesting idea would involve the Order. The Psionatrix Affair split the Order in two, but who’s to say that every member wanted to let bygones be bygones. Imagine a single renegade member of the Order, thought killed in Dasaraches, working behind the scenes to assemble a force of mind controlled and influenced pawns. A triumvirate of renegade Order members working together might be nigh on unstoppable.