Question about magic?

Just started researching Dark Sun and kind of confused about magic use. So is all magic banned by the sorcerer-kings. I want to create an adventure where my PCs are all gladiators but what happens if one of them is caught using magic in a fight?

Then there’s the Psionicists? How is that not considered magic?


Magic uses life energy. When magic is used, the agricultural fields around the city are sapped and crops are destroyed. Psionics comes from internal energy, with no negative consequences.

Whether psionics is allowed during a gladiatorial match will depend on the rules of that particular match. Anyone caught using magic without the explicit permission of the ruler is going to be executed, gladiatorial match or not.


Also, with arcane magic a green tendril of energy can be seen going from the ground to the caster’s hand. Psionics don’t have much in the way of visual or audio cues like spells.


It has to be said that clerics are tolerated by SK as long as they don’t become a problem to their control on the city. But templars will put an eye on them. Since Templars, Veilled alliance, slaves, etc are always looking for power… clerics are people you want to befriend… or at least control by force.


Psionics and divine magic do not destroy the land (I mean their effects can but the energy to use the effects don’t). Most people don’t know about preservers and think all arcane magic is defiling.

To use arcane magic in the middle of an arena is suicide. You would have to roll a nat 1 on psionic mimicry or somatic concealment to have a chance of getting away with it since there are so many eyes on you.

If a player tries I would suggest the other combatants in the arena focus them. Also in a few rounds several much higher level guards should pour in to kill the character. If for some reason that isn’t enough there are high level templars or even the SK watching.

Basically if they do it, they either better roll perfectly, have a psionic power allowing them to teleport far away, or they die.


If they have psionic mimicry and somatic concealment, they can get away with it. This is assuming the spell being cast is similar to a psionic power. Throwing a fireball, or magic missile, will get you dead no matter what non-weapon proficies, or skills, you use.
And, as others have said, all arcane magic users must be approved by the Sorcerer Monarch, or they are put to death.
Although villages in the wastes that have set up their own little gladitorial games might allow it.


Thanks for all the feedback everyone!