Reviving Dark Sun Online


About 10 years ago, there was a group of about five or six guys that were busily churning through the tasks of resurrecting Dark Sun Online: Crimson Sands, the old MMO from 1996. Original sprites were used (how they got them, I don’t know) and a primitive but functional client was up and running. A letter was sent to Wizards of the Coast asking permission to proceed with development. We perceived there could be no financial harm to WotC (in fact, the opposite) and everything was to be released for free but we were denied “use of copyrighted ideas.” This seems … incorrect given that exists and SSI no longer does. Regardless, the effort immediately disintegrated.

These 10 long years I have been absent from the community to my regret. I still have all those sprites and that client, but I know not what to do with them. I’d hate for it all to be lost to time. Wake of the Ravager and Shattered Lands are on GOG, but there’s nothing for DSO that I’ve ever found.