Seasons now and then

Looks like there are virtually no seasons in the Tablelands (with a little bit in the Forgotten North region).

But back before the sun turned red, did the Tablelands have seasons? Summers, and winters with snow?

I think I never heard of snow … anywhere in the lore. (Not talking about mountain peaks.)

I believe the tablelands in general don’t see much in the way of seasons. High Sun is likely to be a few degrees hotter and the day between Sun Descending and Sun Ascending is likely to be a few degrees cooler. I had a temp sheet I used to use that had High Sun see temps shooting up to 150 on the hottest days while Sun Descending and Sun Ascending usually topped out at 130.

For the Trembling Planes they have Coldnights, Flamesky, Fruitbirth, and Ral’s Rest. I haven’t seen Lost Cities of the Trembling Planes but I figured Coldnights was centered around the Sun’s lowest point, leading into Fruitbirth then Flamesky around the sun’s highest point going to Ral’s Rest which happens after the scorching heat sets fire to the prairie and smoke fills the air.

Other regions further north or south near the poles might see some snow that’s not just mountain tops.

My thoughts, and same information I have.

Could the plateau (the circular Hinterlands, Ringing Mountains, and land ringed by those mountains – the Tablelands and Sea of Silt) be at the equator of Athas?

Based on various maps I’ve seen over the years, the Tablelands are above the equator. I’ve seen a half dozen versions that all boil down into something similar to this one in various full or partial views.

Hmmmm…there could very well be seasons in the Tablelands. I am not aware of anything canonical on the subject, but I think there could be seasons where the wind shifts and more sand storms kick up or something or other like that.

If Athas has no real axial tilt, then there won’t be any seasons - so it’s entirely possible. With some axial tilt, there will be variations in temperature, if not true seasons. I live in Abu Dhabi, at the edge of the Empty Quarter desert, and it ranges from around 25C/77F in the winter to 50C/122F in the summer. You get corresponding changes in wind and sandstorm patterns as the seasons shift.

When’s the rainy season?