The Blue Shrine

(Felix Gonzalez) #1

From Bringing the 'gods' back?

As a side note, does any one know where the Blue Shrine should be?
I have seen it just south-east of Celik, just south of the Ringing Mountains, in the Endless Sand dunes, and FAR west of the Deadlands! WTF!!!

So i have the following questions:

¤ Where the heck is it really supposed to be?

¤ What all can it do?

¤ Is there a book/article that goes into more detail about it? If not, is there a detailed history of it, canon or otherwise?

I have read the stuff in the 4e campaign setting on it, that’s about it.

Thanks in advance for any help on this subject!

(Felix Gonzalez) #2

Bumping this thread.

(Brent Welborn) #3

I haven’t read anything for 4th ed DS. 2nd edition had nothing that I could find about the Blue Shrine. Sorry.

(Felix Gonzalez) #4

A pity really, i see a lot of potential there for storytelling.

(Brent Welborn) #5

I agree completely. You will have to come up with something.
I’m going to have it be the entrance to an underground temple to water. Inside this shrine/temple complex are the bones of the first water cleric, supposedly. These bones have become magical artifacts, sort of, that will help the party defeat Kalak. At least that’s what the party is told. What is really there, or if the bones will actually help them, I have not decided.