What is the craziest old school dungeon you've converted to Athas?

I’ve heard of Expedition to Barrier Peaks being converted… but Tomb of Horrors or any of the Slavers mods? What did you do to Dark Sun-ify them?


M2 Vengeance of Alphaks. We were running a pretty high level campaign (mid-level Avangions, Elemental clerics, magic-using Rogues etc) and turned it into a transcontinental war across the Sea of Silt, contending with the SKs and the powers on the far coast beyond the Valley of the Cerulean Storm.

And we introduced Phanatons. To Athas. :roll_eyes:


@Kalindren Sounds fun… what were you using for extended maps? The stuff from Cartographer’s Guild or home brew?


We used the map from DSR4 Valley of Dust and Fire for the outline, added some of the hex map stuff from M2 (this was early to mid '90s, before Cartographers Guild) for further detail, including some islands in the silt that weren’t on any canon maps. The fighter types provided the PCs army and the dune trader who was a silt skimmer merchant provided the transports and warships (obsidian engine silt skimmers).
It all went together surprisingly well, even if I’ve forgotten 90% of it.
We also put everything Al-Qadim went through the DS conversion mill, with the Geomancers from Ruined Kingdoms being a cabal that succeeded where Rajaat failed, in tapping into the life energy of Athas itself. The war against the Geomancers was retconned to be a prelim to the Preserver Jihad. The head geomancer, Tisan was an apprentice to Rajaat who accrued enough power to go toe to toe with him - a new Big Bad post FY10 with her own power source to boot.


This was waaay back in the 90s when I had a gigantic sandbox DS campaign with about 20 players. I added an Al-Qadim inspired city-state just south on the road from Balic. I let somebody play a Sha’ir. It was a pretty cool fit in Dark Sun. I had a lot of genies in my campaign.

I mined some 1E modules for some of the ruins. I think I put Tsojcanth in Kaldinay. I used Ghost Tower of Invernus as a “find the plot driven magic item” adventure. I changed all the monsters in both adventures to be various monsters from Athas and to be more powerful. Unless they were undead, then I just made them more powerful.


I converted The Village of Hommlett. It actually just needed minor tweeks. It was a keep, instead of a moat house and the big bad was a magma cleric. I changed the monsters to Dark Sun monsters and toned down all the treasure.


You know what? It would be cool to just take a fat stack of old 1st edition D&D adventures and adapt them to Dark Sun.

Like take the B1-9 module “In search of Adventure”, and amp it up for DS use!


Ran the Illithid Monstrous Arcana adventure trilogy years ago for DS. Took place in the Sundered Regions.


The entire Desert of Desolation trilogy. Amun-Re’s pyramid became the ziggurat of a lost sorcerer-king. The genies became elementals. Martek became Teklunard, a forgotten avangion. Was lots of fun.


I steal bits from those modules all the time.

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