What's the deal with Pyramids in DS?

(Stuart Lynch) #1

The title pretty much sums it up. Most of the Dragon Metamorphosis focus structures were pyramids/ziggurats (Tectuktitlay, Kalak, Kalid-Ma), Abalach-Re had a flat pyramid for her jaunt in Forest Maker and Rajaat had his inverted research pyramid in the swamp at the Jagged Cliffs.
I know the Draj ziggurat ties in with the Mesoamerican culture of the city, but it doesnt explain the preponderance of pyramidal/ziggurat focus structures elsewhere. Rule of cool or something more profound?

(Felix Gonzalez) #2

That’s a good question, and the answer is one that is grounded in real life and is too long to post here. But here’s a good article.

Whether the designers intended this is unknown.

EDIT: There’s also this.


Scroll down to ‘The Pyramid Mysteries’.


I think it’s utilitarian reasons. The shape of the Ziggurats are perfect as a focus for psionic and magical energies.

(Mr Eco) #4

I’d say the designers were actually inspired by the pyramidal monuments of the ancient cultures and didn’t give much thought to it. Everywhere you look, you can see pyramids or ziggurats. From Egypt and Mesopotamia to Mesoamerica and Cambodia, almost every civilisation had a pyramidal structure in some form. One of the main practical reasons was its stability (better weight distribution), but it also had a supernatural reason, that of the connection to the sky, the stars, the afterlife, the deities.
Apart from that, redking gives a fine reason for the existence of pyramids/ziggurats in a fantasy setting.

(Anthony) #5

Plus every evil villain needs a pyramid/ziggurat to sit on top of/ stand in front of.

(Felix Gonzalez) #6

@redking Totally agree! I believe Dragon Kings talks about it.

@zontoxira Yes, i don’t think that the designers actually gave much thought to their actual real life purpose, and just kind of slapped them in there since most ancient cultures had them, whether as an actual pyramid, a ziggurat, or a more primitive giant mound.

@ReWerk lol, i agree. Fights on a ziggurat can be very fun, and add a new layer of complexity and challenge to the fight!