Xlorepdarkhelm's advanced being rules and other lost fan works

Redking unearthed a complete archive fo the old wizard’s forums 2 months ago, but a number of projects and pieces of information were stored on other sites which are long gone.
Does anyone possess a copy of any of the lost information, such as xlorepdarkhelm’s advanced being rules, Lynn Abbey’s notes, or any of several other developer or fan projects that were stored elsewhere?

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Xlorepdarkhelm’s advanced being rules became the Athas dot org rules. For a while he used a number of different templates. A template for champion, sorcerer king, and dragon. Eventually it was rolled into the champion template.

From what I can see - and I am going through the archives at pandius around 20 threads per day, Xlorp never actually posted any of his mechanical content to the forum, only links to his site which is not archived and was often down even when he maintained a site.

I don’t think you are missing much because what you see in Legends of Athas is mostly his work.

While he may have gone that way eventually, he discussed his rules in fairly great detail, 3 PrC’s of ten levels each (30 level transformations total), 4 templates, 4 epic spells, and some hints as to other differences. He stated that he always found the 2e advanced beings rushed and underpowered, and some of his other comments make me really interested in seeing what he did differently.

This is precisely why I’m asking here and praying that someone here downloaded them when they were available. Ditto for Abbey’s notes.

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Yes. I saw his descriptions. There were templates and prestige classes. The important point is that while I’d like to see the work too, I know that he wasn’t able to make it work.

One of the templarate probably have it. Or they can get into contact with Xlorp.

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Is this what you are looking for?


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No, unfortunately, It’s really cool, but I found that weeks ago. From what I’ve gathered, Lynn Abbey’s “notes” were in three parts, her actual notes, stored elsewhere for downloading, which discussed not only RaFoaDK but the rest of her series, and a pair of letters to the community, of which the link you put up was the second letter. There seems to be no way to access her original notes or the first letter.

That letter being the probable origin of the planet killing space halfling invasion is cool, as is the discussion on the champion’s living obsidian bones and magic.

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Some more notes from Xlorp. Includes brief outlines of the SM builds.

You can see from this that he needed at least 60+ levels to make the Sorcerer Monarchs work under his system. But Athas dot org insisted that the the SMs had to be mid 30s in levels. So none of them, except Dregoth, was ever put in a statblock by Athas dot org.


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Here are Lynn’s notes - it’s a 45 page pdf with tons of great stuff.


THANK YOU! Looking at them now:)

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Thanks, Kamelion. I had read it back in the day, but I am sure that Bdmdragon will be very pleased.

You wouldn’t happen to have Xlorp’s old templates and prestige classes that didn’t make it into Athas dot org, would you?

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I’ve looked and I don’t have any of XDH’s templates - I remember when he was working on them that they weren’t something I had a use for, so I didn’t save them. As for prestige classes, I did save a copy of the Unofficial Prestige Class Appendix II, which has a bunch of classes in it. Several of those ended up in the official Prestige Class Appendix II that came along later, but others didn’t. Here’s a copy - you can have a look and see if there’s anything you’re after in there…

As for other projects, I saved a few here and there. Is there anything in specific you’re looking for?


Do you still have your Prestige Class Conversion Notes?

Also, what else do you have?

Yeah, here are the conversion notes (they’re a paragraph of fluff each for prestige classes from a handful of supplements):

I also discovered that I have Xlorep’s notes for a stage 1 dragon. There were more (6 in total, I believe) but I only have a copy of stage 1:

As for what else I have, it’s not possible to give you a concise list, I’m afraid, and I didn’t always label things I downloaded by source. But I have a scattering of stuff on pretty much every topic to one degree or another, from early DS3e conversions (athas.org and others) to prestige classes, races, monsters, magic items, and of course all the material I worked on for athas.org. At one point I even wrote up an (almost complete) Pathfinder update of the DS3e rules. I also have some of the setting material developed by various fans - Silt Archipelago, a little on the Sundra Peninsula, some of Scott’s early work on Balic - bits and pieces like that.

All that stuff is archived across several folders now, though, as I have gone back to a houseruled 2e for my Dark Sun needs.


Thanks for the conversion notes.

I remember viewing Xlorp’s advanced beings back in the day - at least the Dragon and SMs. It was pretty convoluted and it makes sense that it never made it into Legends of Athas.

Thank you for everything you’ve saved. Lynn’s notes were extremely interesting, and I’ll probably post some comments on them later. I just have to hope somebody else who saved Xlorep’s rules notices this thread.

Do you remember any specifics? Now that I’ve seen the first part of it, if not the epic spell or template, I’m actually more curious as to see how it all works in the end.

Confession time. At the time I had not yet made the switch to 3rd edition, so I did not pay much attention. There were prestige classes and templates. I think there were prestige classes which bestowed templates on a character. That’s all I can remember. By the time I really got into 3rd edition (3.5 actually), Xlorp’s website was long gone.

Hey, @Kamelion, all of the dropbox links here appear to have died or the files moved.

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@Bdmdragon - I had a clean-out on Dropbpx the other day - sorry! Which ones are you after and I’ll put them back up :slight_smile:


All of them were interesting, honestly. Lynn’s notes followed by xloreps dragon are the most important to me, but I’m not sure about anyone else who might look at this thread. I never did finish looking at the unofficial appendix 2 (been busy).

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OK, cool - here those are again: