3.5 Advanced Being metamorphosis WIP

What I have done is expand out the metamorphosis seed that appeared in Legends of Athas by increasing the number of factors, and making metamorphosis do whatever is in the books and the game. The various DCs that I have there are open for debate. Also there may be some thing that I have forgotten. Also I have some differences with the folks at athas org in that I think that to cast metamorphosis you need both epic spells and epic powers. You can ignore that if you don’t like it.

Additionally, I place a limitation on the metamorphosis seed so that it can only be used a limited number of times. Reproduced below.

Special: This seed can only be used on a single character or creature a maximum of 11 times total as there is only a certain amount of strain of metamorphosis that the body can tolerate (and it is also the reason why Kalak and Abalach-Re seek shortcuts in the metamorphosis – it is beneficial to get the most out of each metamorphosis since each individual can only be affected by metamorphosis 11 times total).

Here is the link to the PDF that I created. Looking forward to feedback.


Based on this, what did Rajaat give the champions when he transformed them with the Dark Lens in the Steeple of Crystals?

Lets have a look. First, I am going to plunder the Champion of Rajaat template for some ideas.

Maxmimum Hitpoints +100
Signature Spells (Sp) +90
Damage Reduction (Su) damage reduction 10/epic +153
Immortality (Ex): +35
Immunities (Ex): +320
Regeneration 10 (Ex): +1000
SR/PR 32 +117
Genocidal Focus +50
Change type to advanced being, dragon +60
Divine ability score array bonus +350
Create and attach elemental energy vortex (channel magic to templars) +520
Advanced Being Skill Affinity (EX) +50

Total DC for Rajaat is roughly around 2850 DC. Whew. The regeneration takes a big bite (100DC per 1 regeneration is the recommended DC by athas org). I think I will scale back the DC for regeneration, and also apply a discount for 10/regeneration if “purchased” all at once.

Creating and attaching an elemental vortex should be just out of the range of Borys with the assistance of the Sorcerer Kings and the Dark lens to do. In my conception of Borys, he is level 50 with 103 ranks in spellcraft (see advanced being skill affinity). With the help of Sorcerer Kings, the Dark Lens, and the steeple of Crystals, he can probably get close to a 500DC epic spell - so making Tithian a Sorcerer King is just beyond his reach (although probably not forever - in another 1000 years such a feat may be within his reach).

I will probably set up an additional limit on mitigating factors. Athas org recommends twice the main caster’s spellcraft DC as the maximum mitigating factor for rituals. I may have to do something similar for other mitigating factors.

There are indeed a lot of options to customize the advanced being. And from what I see the seed options comprehend all the things needed to give the equivalent of the “champion of Rajaat” template.

Seeing things like “divine ability modifiers” and such things, It seems that your aim is to make beings as the SKs incredibly powerful without giving them too much levels.

Since, with all the new options, you’ve “buffed” the seed power, I agree with the additional limitation of needing even Epic Manifestation Feat.

Under those rules, how you’d handle the animalistic rampage phase?

Yes. That is exactly what I am trying to do. If you read it in a Dark Sun supplement or in a book, I am trying to make it happen through these additional factors.

Bingo again. Most SK build have insane level numbers that frankly are not realistic.

Yes, buffed, but also placed an important limitation of 11 metamorphoses. Under the original athas org rules there was no limit on how many times the SKs could cast these spells to buff themselves (yet for some reason don’t).

The same as athas org, I suppose.

I suspect that the animalistic rampage occurs because of the lack of energy fueling the transformation. If ample energy could be provided at the time of transformation (a HUGE amount), then it is possible that the animalistic rampage may be satiated.

My build for the SK are mid-high epic, but not too insane (imho). They range from 35th level (Abalach-Re, Kalak, Andy) to 40th (Nibenay, Oronis). Ok, they ARE very high, but i saw SKs with about 55-60 levels.