3.5e Spell Lists and Defilers and Preservers spells?

Hello all.

Quick question-- I know it’s easy enough to find 3.5 edition spell lists all over the place, but did anyone at athas.org ever convert the spells from the “Defilers and Preservers” book to 3.5e?

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Yes, DS3_r7 has all the core rules for Darksun 3.5e. The spells are all in there, and more.

You can take the one from athas.org:

Or on my web site (I revised the broken index):

Or we can have the @nijineko revision 8 that we are still waiting to see…


Some of the spells (mostly the obsidian based ones) never made it, but many did get into the 3.5 dark sun core book linked above.


I like your version with the fixed bookmarks, links, headings, etc. I wish Athas.org would put it up here.

Anyone know what was intended for the rev 8?

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