30 Days Of Dark Sun Days 7 & 8

Playing catch-up today.

Day 7: My favorite element for this setting is the sun. It is both sustaining life and contributing to the increasing inhospitableness of Athas.

Day 8: I’ve looked over numerous Psionics systems from 2e RAW and with the addition of The Will and The Way. I’ve looked at Judges Guild Masters of Mind and Role-Aids Psionics as well as 1e RAW and even some OSR stuff and Green Ronin’s Psychics Handbook. I’m with some modifications to disintegrate and detonate 2e + TW&TW is still my favorite. I once thought the idea of the MTHAC0 and MAC would be great but looking at it now, it seems too clunky to work properly and treat psionic powers like skills makes sense.