30th level dragon in 2e

Redking’s epic rules revived my interest in an older game of mine, one where by the end of it the main characters were insanely high level. With permission from the player, I have created a shortened version of the stats for one of the characters in the game, based on old stat sheets and half remembered memories. Since the character was by the end a fully metamorphosed dragon, I thought I would just leave them here for comments. (I will get to dredging up the unique items later, if the mood strikes me or there is enough interest.) Minor house rules, but all based on actual 2e material.

Amouranyx of Yaramuke

Race/Sex: Female Human (Formerly)

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Level: 30th level Dragon of Athas (Wizard 30/Psionicist 30)

Ability Scores:

Str 25 (weight allowance 1,535, open doors 19 (18 for magic), 99% bend bars/gates)

Dex 18 (+2 initiative, +2 ranged attack, +4 AC normally irrelevant)

Con 20 (+2 hp per die, 99% system shock, 100% resurrection survival)

Int 20 (9 extra proficiencies, 96% chance to learn spell, can have any number of spells per level)

Wis 20 (immunities and defense adjustment, see saves)

Cha 18 (15 henchman max, +8 loyalty, +7 reaction adjustment)

Armor Class: -10

Movement: 15, Fl 45 (A), Jp 5, Br 6

Hit Points: 250

Thac0: -3

Number of Attacks: 4 + breath weapon OR spell + psionic

Damage per Attack: 2d10 + 15/2d10 + 15/4d12/5d10

Special Attacks: breath weapon (3/day, 25d12, 5 foot wide at base, 50 feet long, 100 foot diameter at end); can damage creatures only strikable by +4 weapons or less; dual casting (can cast 1 spell and activate 1 psionic power per round as her action); fear aura (20 ft radius, fear spell).

Special Defenses: treated as a 30th level character OR a 32 hit die monster for the purposes of spells, saves, and effects, whichever she chooses for an ability; +2 or better weapon required to hit; can understand, read, and speak any language; half damage from non-metal weapons, immune to aging (natural and magical) and death from natural causes (including hunger, thirst, and suffocation); invisibility (as the spell invisibility , can activate as a spell action); regeneration (1 hp/round); semi-permanent spells ( detect evil/good, detect invisibility, detect magic, enlarge, fear, infravision, invisibility, protection from cantrips, protection from evil/good, read magic ).

MR: 80%

Saving Throws: As 21st+ level wizard and 32 hit die monster (monster in parenthesis)

PPDM 8(3) (paralysis, poison, death magic) +1 versus poison

RSW 3(5) (rod, staff, or wand)

PP 5(4) (petrification, polymorph)

BW 7(4) (breath weapon)

SP 4(6) (spell) +4 vs mind affecting, immune to 1st and 2nd level illusion spells as well as cause fear, charm person, command, friends, hypnotism, forget, hold person, ray of enfeeblement, and scare

Psionics Summary:

Level 30, Dis All, Sciences 30, Devotions 70 ATT/DEF: EW, ID, PsC/ALL, Power Score: 23, PSP’s 565

Clairsentience— Sciences: clairvoyance, object reading, precognition, sensitivity to psychic impressions, true sight; Devotions: all-around vision, bone reading, danger sense, environment, hear light, know course, know location, radial navigation, safe path, see sound, sensitivity to observation, watcher’s ward.

PsychokinesisSciences: detonate, disintegrate, telekinesis, telekinetic barrier; Devotions: control body, control flames, control sound, levitate, magnetize, molecular agitation, molecular bonding, inertial barrier, soften, static discharge.

PsychometabolismSciences: complete healing, death field, energy containment, life draining; Devotions: biofeedback, body control, body equilibrium, cell adjustment, chameleon power, ectoplasmic form, heightened senses, immovability, rigidity.

PsychoportationSciences: banishment, probability travel, summon planar energies, teleport; Devotions: dimension walk, dimensional door, dream travel, ethereal traveler, phase, teleport lock, teleport trigger, time shift, time/space anchor.

TelepathySciences: domination, enter dream, hallucination, mass contact, mindlink, mindwipe, mindwreck, probe; Devotions: aversion, awe, contact, ego whip, ESP, false sensory input, id insinuation, invincible foes, life detection, mind bar, phobia amplification, post hypnotic suggestion, psychic crush, psychic messenger, repugnance, synaptic static, telempathic projection, truthear.

MetapsionicsSciences: appraise, empower, psychic surgery, split personality, suppress magic; Devotions: cognitive trance, convergence, fighting trance, iron will, magnify, probability manipulation, prolong, psionic sense, receptacle, retrospection, splice, stasis field.

Special: Over 100 years of Psionic Meditation per the Will and The Way has given Amouranyx the following benefits:

Her Constitution, Dexterity, and Wisdom scores are 23 for psionic purposes.

All of her psionic powers have their Power Score increased by 3, and now get Power Score results on the highest 4 successful numbers (ex, 19, 18, 17, 16 for a power with a score of 19 or higher).

She activates and maintains all powers at 50% of the normal cost.

All powers she uses have doubled range (or area) and have double the normal effect, damage, or duration (choose 1 per power). Some of her powers may have further alterations in function.

Spells: As a 30th level defiler.

Defiler Spells Prepared:

  1. alarm, burning hands, charm person, conjure spell component*, identify, magic missile*, unseen servant*

  2. forget, glitterdust, locate object, mirror image, orb of power, ray of enfeeblement*, undetectable alignment**

  3. dispel magic*, energy conduit, fireball*, hold person, hold undead, mask magic, touch the black#(2)*

  4. confusion, enervation, improved invisibility*, locate creature, minor globe of invulnerability, resilient sphere, stoneskin**

  5. chaos, cone of cold#(2), false vision, lower resistance*, shadow magic*, steal energy, wall of iron*

  6. demishadow magic, flesh to stone, mass suggestion, improved haste*, improved slow, project image, shades**

  7. control undead, delayed blast fireball, finger of death, forcecage, limited wish, prismatic spray*, spell turning**

  8. horrid wilting, maze*, mind blank, obsidian death, polymorph any object*, screen*

  9. crushing hand, crystalbrittle, disjunction, shapechange*, time stop, wish**

  10. abrasion, defiling regeneration, immediate animation, recruitment

Special: A spell with an asterisk are prepared an additional time per asterisk when she has defiler bonus spells due to her 20 INT plus terrain benefits.*

Due to her possession of numerous obsidian orbs enhanced with orb of power, energy conduit, and steal energy spells , and her access to a garden with trees of life, she should rarely be without these bonus spells.

Additionally, the orbs allow her to draw on magic in areas where there is otherwise no plant life or ambient energy.

A spell with a # is a signature spell and can be affected by spell sculpting .

Weapon Proficiencies:

Psionicist: dart, javelin, spear, staff, short sword (all get specialized +1/+2), but no extra attacks),

Wizard: signature spells (choose 2 spells in 4-6th level range. They can be prepared an additional time at no cost. Can choose either +2 effective level for casting, -2 to opponents saves, or reduce casting time by 3)

Non-weapon Proficiencies:

Bonus: artistic ability (drawing and painting) 20, dancing 18, etiquette 18, persuasion 16, psionic detection 18, + 2 languages and literacy that are no longer relevant due to dragon abilities

Psionicist: crystal focus 19, harness subconscious 19, hypnosis 16, meditative focus 21, power manipulation (telepathy) 16, psionic lore 21, rejuvenation 19

Wizard: alchemy 17, ancient history 19, ancient languages 20, concentration 18, research 20, sage knowledge 18, somatic concealment 17, spellcraft 18,

High Level: signature item ( crown of unspun dreams ) 15, spell sculpting (2, same spells as signature spells. With a successful check while wearing focus amulet, can increase damage by 2 dice, double range, double duration, or halve casting time) 14

Equipment: Includes everything she carries on her person, or can reasonably obtain access to in short order through her vaults and allies. (note that not all of it is of benefit to her, and is often given to allies)

Fruits, potions, and oils: Diminution x2. Extra healing x6. Fire Resistance x2. Longevity x4. Psionic Boosting x2. Restore Psionics x2. Vitality x2.

Scrolls: Protection from Acid. Protection from Electricity. Protection from Petrification. Protection from Undead. Spell Scrolls containing Antilife Shell, Conjure Animals, Control Weather, Dispel Magic x3, Gate, Heal, Meteor Swarm, Remove Curse, Regenerate, Resurrection, Restoration x2, Time Stop, and Wish.

Rings: Ring of Protection (+2). Ring of Psionic Mastery (Telepathy, 50% Reduction). Ring of Vampiric Regeneration.

Rods: Rod of Cancellation. Rod of Security.

Staves: Staff of the Life Master (A fusion of Dragon Magic enhanced obsidian and a living Tree of Life. Athasian variant staff of the magi).

Wands: Wand of Negation. Wand of Psionic Negation.

Miscellaneous: Amulet of Psionic Interference. Bag of Holding x2. Chime of Opening. Cloak of Protection (+4). Cowl (Robe) of the Archmagi (Black). Cube of Energy Containment. Cube of Force. Dreamband. Handy Haversack. Mirror of Mental Prowess. Necklace holding 6 enchanted Obsidian Orbs. Philosophers Stone (White Powder) . Scarab of Protection (12 charges). Talisman of Psionic Storage (70 PSP’s) .

Supplies: Material Components for Spells and Spell Creation worth 50,000 GP. Alchemical Supplies worth 10,000 GP.

Coins: Roughly 250,000 GP worth of coins and art objects.

Artifacts and Unique Items: Crown of Unspun Dreams. Prismatic Heart. Slylathar. The Cosmic Watcher.




Give us details on these items if they are still available.

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I have the “short stats” available for them at the moment (aka the most important stats on cards). I’ll put them below.

Also, sorry for the formatting on the stats above, I have no idea why so much got messed up, especially the spells, even the asterisks* got moved around, so several of them are on the wrong spells. I have the proper stats on a doc in front of me, but no idea how to post them without the same problem.

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Okay, so because I’m a perfectionist, here’s my best full recreation of this item.

Slylathar the serpent staff (Unique)

Staff: Slylathar is a +3 magic weapon that inflicts 1d8+3 damage on a hit. It’s wielder can use speak with animals and animal friendship at will, cure critical wounds, neutralize poison, and wall of thorns twice per day each, and conjure animals (snakes) once per week.

Snake: Can transform as a staff of the python into a colossal sand serpent (100 ft. long), has an AC 4, 60 hit points, MV 12, Thac0 8, deals 2d10+3 damage on a hit. Can constrict a single creature up to the size of a giant on a hit, rendering them immobile and physically helpless and dealing 2d10+3 damage per round. Can swallow size M or smaller creatures whole on a successful attack, with same effects as constriction.

Psionics: Intelligence 16. Ego 25 (Amouranyx’s immense telepathic powers have rendered Slylathar convinced that her group is trying to do good in the world, though Slylathar does not hesitate to offer advice or admonishment against excessive destruction). Alignment: Neutral Good. Speaks common, elven, and dwarven.
PSP’s 100 Discipline: Psychometabolism. Power Score 16
Sciences: complete healing, energy containment, poison simulation
Devotions: body equilibrium, cell adjustment, chameleon power, chemical simulation, heightened senses, lend health, share strength, strength of the land

Note: Due to the Slylathar’s efforts to be the moral center of the group, she was nicknamed “Professor Hissy-Fit” because she’s a snake and because D&D players.

History: Taken off the corpse of an exceptionally powerful Pyreen and bent to serve the will of the group. Will add more later if people are interested.

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The Prismatic Heart (Artifact)

This jagged crystal the size of a small kank pulses with light. Extracted from the Pristine Tower via a wish spell from within the Steeple of Crystals, and used as the core of Amouranyx’s sanctum, this item has potent offensive and defensive benefits. When held, the owner can use it to cast prismatic spray, prismatic wall, and prismatic sphere spells once per day each. Additionally, at will the holder can command it to fire a ray of light with the effects of a red prismatic effect on a successful attack roll (MR still applies to this effect). Using this ability in consecutive rounds fires the next ray of a prismatic effect, to a maximum of 8 rounds before it resets.

The greatest power of the crystal is to form a prismatic warding. By anchoring it in place and concentrating for one hour, the user can cause it to generate 7 colored but transparent layers of energy, each with the effects of a layer of prismatic wall. The red layer can be a sphere up to roughly half a mile in diameter, with the rest of the layers nestled inside of it, the spheres roughly equally distant from each other. As long as the crystal isn’t moved, these layers are permanent and reform in 10 minutes if destroyed. The creator of the warding can specify any number of creatures to be immune to the warding, and can do so at any time, provided they are in physical contact with the crystal.

The Cosmic Watcher (Unique)

History: Created through the efforts of Amouranyx and one of her companions, a clerical elemental of the plane of fire (with an interest in the sun and stars). Amouranyx provided some of the psionic and magical abilities the item possesses, and it was the item that most changed hands in the group.

During the Day: The Cosmic Watcher acts a sort of inverse ring of shooting stars. It has 2 different modes, depending on whether it is underground or above it. both of these only function if there is sufficient light. Under the open sky, it will perform the following functions:

• Spark of Blinding (as the priest spell once per hour).
• Darkness 15’ radius, as the spell of the same name (twice per day).
• Mirage of Despair (as the priest spell once per day).
• Shadow orb (special).

The Shadow Orb function allows it to create a bubble where light and heat do not exist within 60 feet of the user up to three times per week. The bubble is a 20 foot diameter sphere. Creatures within it move at half speed, cannot see, and take 6d6 points of cold damage every round they remain within the orb. (a successful save vs death magic reduces the damage by half).

Indoors or underground, but with sufficient natural or torchlight. the ring can use the following functions:
Healing/Burning Ray (twice per day, as the priest spell or it’s reverse)
Shadow Monsters (as the spell once per day)

At Night: The Cosmic Watcher acts as a ring of shooting stars. This ring has two modes of operation—at night and underground—both of which work only in relative darkness. During night hours, under the open sky, the shooting stars ring will perform the following functions:

• Dancing lights (once per hour).
• Light, as the spell of the same name (twice per night), 120-foot range.
• Ball lightning, as described below (once per night).
• Shooting stars (special).

The ball lightning function releases 1d4 balls of lightning, at the wearer’s option. These glowing globes resemble dancing lights, and the ring wearer controls them as he would control dancing lights. These spheres have a 120-foot range and a four round duration. They can be moved at 120 feet per round. Each sphere is about 3 feet in diameter, and any creature it touches or approaches within 5 feet dissipates its charge (a successful save vs. spell halves damage—the contact was across an air gap). The charge values are:

4 lightning balls 2d4 points damage each
3 lightning balls 2d6 points damage each
2 lightning balls 5d4 points damage each
1 lightning ball 4d12 points damage

Release can be one at a time or all at once, during the course of one round or as needed throughout the night.

The shooting stars are glowing missiles with fiery trails, much like a meteor swarm. Three shooting stars can be released from the ring each week, simultaneously or one at a time. They impact for 12 points of damage and burst (as a fireball) in a 10-foot diameter sphere for 24 points of damage.

Any creature struck takes full damage from impact plus full damage from the shooting star burst. Creatures within the burst radius must roll a saving throw vs. spell to take only one-half damage (i.e., 12 points of damage, otherwise they, too, receive the full 24 points of damage). Range is 70 feet, at the end of which the burst will occur, unless an object or creature is struck before that. The shooting stars follow a straight line path. A creature in the path must roll a saving throw vs. spell or be hit by the missile. Saving throws suffer a -3 penalty within 20 feet of the ring wearer, -1 from 21 feet to 40 feet, normal beyond 40 feet.

Indoors at night, or underground, the ring of shooting stars has the following properties:
Faerie fire (twice per day)—as the spell
Spark shower (once per day)

The spark shower is a flying cloud of sizzling purple sparks, which fan out from the ring for a distance of 20 feet to a breadth of 10 feet. Creatures within this area take 2d8 points of damage each if no metal armor is worn and/or no metal weapon is held. Characters wearing metal armor or carrying a metal weapon receive 4d6 points of damage.

Range, duration, and are of effect of functions are the minimum for the comparable spell unless otherwise stated. Casting time is 5

Psionics: Intelligence 17. Ego 32. Alignment: Neutral. Speaks auran, common, ignan, and thri-kreen and can communicate telepathically with its owner. Note that the alignment is neutral and the personality is male, despite Amoura’s influence in its creation.
PSP’s 128, Discipline: Psychokinesis. Power score 17
Sciences: create object, detonate, project force, telekinesis
Devotions: animate shadow, control body, control flames, control light, cryokinesis, deflect, inertial barrier, magnetize, molecular agitation, static discharge

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Last, but certainly not least…

Crown of Unspun Dreams (Unique/Artifact?)

History: Forged by Amouranyx in the ruins of Yaramuke, anointed in the pool beneath the Steeple of Crystals, and fused with the soul of her sister and the psychic echoes left by Hamanu’s destruction of Yaramuke, The Crown of Unspun Dreams is one of the most powerful items ever created by any being native to Athas besides Rajaat.

Appearance: The crown is crafted from obsidian and halfling life shaped coral, wrapped in nightmare beast hide. It can alter its size and shape over time to fit perfectly the head of the wearer, or alternately, to be impossible for the individual to wear it, if it desires. The crown constantly oozes a faint grey mist, as a result of its overwhelming connection to the Gray.

Wards: The crown is protected by the strongest ward spells Amouranyx ever devised or discovered, including Arcane Exaltation (9th level, allows the item a special saving throw (8 or higher on a d20) to resist anti-magic and dispelling effects targeted at it or any spell effects attached to it. The aura this effect generate interferes with other similar effects in a 5 foot radius, thus usually limiting this to one item per person at a time. cost 10,000 gp), Greater Mark of Fortune (7th level, gives the item a special saving throw (5 or higher on a d20) to miraculously escape a situation, after which the mark vanishes. cost 1,000 gp), and a version of Greater Sign of Sealing (6th level, gives a +6 bonus to item saving throws and resist 30 to all damage, releases a spell if item is destroyed. cost 1,000 gp). These spell effects are protected by the effects of the arcane exaltation, and cannot be attempted to be dispelled or negated by anything short of a limited wish (though note that they get a chance to resist even limited wish or wish spells.

The godlike ego score the item possess further gives it a +20 bonus to item saving throws, and due to psionic and magical alterations to the structure of the item, it is treated as being made out of pure adamantine. Furthermore, the life shaping influence of the Pristine Tower have enabled the crown to regenerate as long as it is not completely destroyed. Finally, as Amouranyx’s signature item, it is virtually impervious to theft and other effects while it is on her person and she lives (for full details see high level campaigns). If it ever removed from her and somehow destroyed, she can attempt to recreate it through sheer force of will, succeeding on a 15 or lower on a d20. If she fails, the crown is lost and cannot be remade.

If the Greater Sign of Sealing is ever broken, or the Crown of Unspun Dreams destroyed, the person who did so is struck by the psionic enchantment Amouranyx’s Revenge, provided they are within range of the seal (300 feet). The targets essence and substance are separated and each imprisoned in an eternal nightmare with no saving throw or magic resistance allowed. No spell, item, or feature can find or save a target who knowingly destroyed the crown from this fate. Only the direct intervention of a greater god or similarly powerful entity with domain over magic (such as Mystra or Rajaat the War Bringer) can alter this fact.

Passive Benefits: The wearer of the crown can passively see into the ethereal plane and the Gray out to 60 feet. They can also see through darkness of any kind out to this same range.

The wearer of the crown cannot be sensed by unintelligent undead and is immune to the pain and initiative loss caused by defiler magic. The wearer can always make saving throws to negate level draining, fear, and paralysis caused by undead, planar effects, or defiling magic, as well as against any spell that would kill the wearer instantly or manipulate their life force. If a saving throw is already allowed, the wearer can roll twice and take the better result.

Magical Powers: The Crown of Unspun Dreams has 50 charges, using them much like a staff. Unlike with a normal staff, spells cast through the crown are treated as if they were cast by a 16th level caster.

The following powers do not drain charges:
chill touch
darkness 15’ radius
detect undead
spectral hand
spirit armor

The following powers drain one charge per use:
animate dead
dispel magic
hold undead
lightning bolt
summon spirit
vampiric touch
wall of fire

The following powers drain 2 charges per use:
chain lightning
death fog
finger of death
incendiary cloud
open the gray portal

The following powers drain 4 charges per use:
control undead
death shroud
doom legion
shadow walk

Once per month the wearer of the crown can use it to duplicate a wish spell, though the effects of the wish must revolve around manipulating life, death or undeath.

The Crown of Unspun Dreams cannot be recharged normally. However, three times per day the wearer of the crown can make a melee attack that imitates the life draining abilities of a Nightmare Beast, permanently draining one level from a creature touched. The wearer can then choose to either regain the same number of hit points the target lost, or to channel the energy into the crown, restoring one charge. This ability can be used even if the crown has 0 charges remaining.

Psionics: Intelligence 18. Ego 60. Alignment: Neutral Evil. Speaks ancient halfling, common, draconic, elven, and gith. Can communicate telepathically with any creature within 20 feet of it.
PSP’s 280, Discipline: Telepathy. Power Score 20
Sciences: domination, enter dream, hallucination, mass contact, mind link, mindwipe, mindwreck, probe.
Devotions: aversion, awe, contact, ego whip, ESP, false sensory input, id insinuation, invincible foes, life detection, mind bar, phobia amplification, post hypnotic suggestion, psychic crush, psychic messenger, repugnance, synaptic static, telepathic projection, truthear. Additionally, the crown knows all telepathic defense modes.

Additional Psionic Abilities: Crafted from a still living nightmare beast and empowered with the psionic devotion empower as well as the science, the crown possesses a unique psionic animal affinity that can be activated once per day for up to 1 turn. A creature under the effect takes on some of the appearance and shape of a nightmare beast, and can choose one from the following list of abilities to gain while the affinity is in effect:
–an armor class of -5 if not already better.
–a speed of 12 if not already higher.
–75 hit points if it exceeds the wearers current hp, note that this becomes their new maximum for the duration.
–a Thac0 of 5 if not already better.
–20% magic resistance if they do not already possess higher MR.
–2 claw attacks for 2d6 damage each, 2 horn attacks for 2d10 damage each, and a bite attack for 4d10 damage.
–Access to the Nightmare Beast’s unique Nightmare and Danger Sense powers.

Curse: Any creature who dies while wearing the crown, and is still both wearing it and dead one round later, is animated as a unique kaishgara under the control of Amouranyx’s sister, while the soul of the former owner is imprisoned inside the crown until its destruction. Amouranyx is unaware of this feature of the crown.

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