3rd Edition Lost Art

Several months ago I stumbled across this art by Wayne Reynolds of silt horrors that was supposed to be in the 3rd ed Monster Manual 2.

It looks like WoTC intended to put these guys into the MM 2, but they got cut. As they do not appear in the book.

The rest of the gallery and all the other 3e art in the books can be found here


Check it out.

Good find. Not a bad depiction of silt horrors.

And in the same art gallery there’re even the Dune Reapers (who missed the cut, too)


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I forgot how much of MM II was dedicated to creatures from the Dark Sun setting. They even have an image for Rampager, though the So’-ut would have made for a better entry. It is actually a good image, too. Last time I tried to find one I had to resort to using a screenshot from Shattered Lands.